Footlights Bar 19/1/14

Nob at Footlights Bar

A’ went back tae Footlights Bar where a’ wiz telt a’ wiz due tae be on that nicht. Hooever, Rory had booked quite a few comedians in so when a’ got there he wiznae sure if he could pit me on. After some deliberation he said a’ could dae 5 minutes, which wiz cool by me. A’ wiz gonnae tell him no’ tae bother cause a’ wiz fairly smashed an’ kent it probably wizae a guid idea but seein’ as hoo a’ wiz there a’ decided tae go ahead anyway.

Afore a’ came on aftir the break, Rory got handed a Sticky Tit by a member ae the audience. Here is his banter after bein’ handed it.

A’ wiz on jist aftir this and so a’ talked aboot the Stick tit as well, an’ even copped a feel ae a game Irish burd. Jist a pity her fiancee wiz in the audience as well but at least he never took any umbridge tae ma bare faced cheek.

As a’ only had 5 minutes a’ thought instead ae jist wafflin pish a’ would dae a poem but a’ hadnae learned it aff by heart so a’ had tae dae Jim Rose Circus by usin’ a piece ae paper. Please excuse ma unprofessionalism. Even the greats need help sometimes.

Aftir this a’ had a few pint wi’ the rest ae the Irish possee and even went ootside fur a puff wi’ the Faither and Mother ae the gang. Guid crack fae the Irish as usual.

The Photaes

Cheers the noo!

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