Footlights Bar Gig – 12/1/14

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Footlights Bar Gig (1)

Due to the Christmas and New Year shenanigans Rory’s Footlights Bar gig had been on a bit of a hiatus. The week before Davy Mitchel run a benefit gig for the Clutha Bar which was very well attended and had a lot of top acts on it. Rory was supposed to be doing a spot at it but due to illness couldn’t make it.

However, the show is now back on every Sunday night and so I went along to check it out.

Rory McAlpine

Footlights Bar Gig (8)

Here is Rory doing his opening banter….

Paul McDougall

Footlights Bar Gig (3)

Paul hasn’t been performing comedy that long and still has that beginners enthusiasm for it that I still try and hang on to. He said he has only performed about 40 gigs in the past 8 months or so, so he is doing very well.

Sean O’Dee

Sean is another fairly new comedian (or maybe I’ve just been around too long) who is doing well and learning the ropes, as indeed I still am myself.

Footlights Bar Gig (6)

Nob Stewart

Nob Stewart was there and managed to shock and entertain in his usual fashion. He says he may put the clip on his website depending on what side of the bed he gets out over the next few weeks.

Nob at Footlights


There was an Irish comedian on too and although I can’ remember his second name I can tell you that he was very good indeed with many great one-liners, some of which even got the odd clap or six.

Footlights Bar Gig (31)

Daisy Earl

I don’t know how long Daisy has been doing stand up but she deserved her headline spot tonight for sure. A really great set and as Rory said on facebook ‘This girl is going to go far’.

Footlights Bar Gig (10)

Ross Irvine

I saw Ross perform before Christmas and enjoyed his set. I had a good chat with him and he tells me he makes lots of videos on youtube. I couldn’t find them but when I do I will post the link here. We had a great time dancing to the entertainment which came after the comedy as you can see by checking out the videos below.

Footlights Bar

The After Comedy Singer

Footlights Bar

I can’t remember the name of the singer and he even gave me his card at the end of the night and I can’t believe I lost it. He done a great job though and played many old favourites which we could dance and sing-a-long to. Check out the clips below although granted the camerawork may be a bit shaky.

Ring Of Fire

It was a funny to hear him start with this one as this was the first song that I heard the Busker Martin O’Brien sing in Glasgow on Friday.

Pinball Wizard

Scottish Weather

Here is one of his own songs. I like it!

I was invited to sit down for a nice chat with Daisy and the singers friend Yvonne.

Billy with Daisy and Yvonne

Then the singer joined us with a large cocktail before I had to run to catch the last train. That’s always the sign of a good night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Singer and his large cocktail.

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