Fresh Faces


So’ a performed a couple ae gigs at last years Edinburgh Festival. Although a’ve got both ae them on ma hard drive, it’s probably best a’ jist show ye’s this yin cause a’ wiz mega pissed fur the othir yin an’ it didnae transpire aw that well…..although at the time a’ thought a’ wiz awesome.

A’ wiz in the middle ae a photoshoot wi’ ma photographer buddie, Paul, when a’ chance ae a gig popped up at Pivo fur Danny Worthington’s ‘Fresh Faces’ gig.

Paul came in wi’ uz an’ a’ set ma video camcorder up an’ then afore the gig we done a few posed photaes.

Paul continued takin’ snaps as a’ performed ma set which went reasonably aricht considerin’ there wiz only aboot 8 in the audience, mainly Sassanach’s.

The Photos

If ye enjoyed it please share aboot will ye? A’ need some help on that front. Much appreciated!

Cheers the noo!


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