A Fresh Start

Today I decided to put my past behind me
I deflated the balloon and let myself down
I will still keep on writing these awful poems
But I no longer desire to be a puppet clown

It has been as if my life has been on pause
While I waited for fresh hope to arrive
So to fill the void I kept the old dreams alive
But now they are dead I can start to thrive

It feels so good to let go of unreal thoughts
They were never meant for public consumption
Other people told me that I made them laugh
So I made a common day misassumption

Fame is everything to the X generation
I thought I was special as indeed we all are
So I told the world they better pay attention
But with no obvious talent I was hardly a star

Deep down I knew that it was all just an act
But I couldn’t face life with nothing to live for
So I told myself that I was being treated unfairly
And even threatened some people with all out war

But now something new has came into my life
Sure it may not lead to wealth or fame
But it is something I can put my heart into
And hopefully this will be a more enjoyable game

I have joined an affiliate marketing program
Which I believe has the legs to run to the top
I now need to convince others that I am the man
Who can help them stop their downward rot

But first I need to re-adjust my work ethic
Success only comes from grind and sweat
Nothing in life is guaranteed to succeed
But at least this is a more realistic bet

The tools and the training are all in place
A monkey could do it if he could cut and paste
At least that’s what it said on the website
So this is my chance to prove I’m not human waste

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