Friend or Foe


Let’s get into a rhythm
Let’s do a spiral dance
Let’s shake ourselves abruptly
And go deep into a trance
Descending into the darkness
Is not the way to go
Going beyond our limitations
Is where the gold will flow
Free your mind from it’s grip
Give it a well earned rest
It has tortured you long enough
You already are the best
You don’t need to fight
To become just who you are
There is a secret the world doesn’t tell you
And that is you already are a star
Look deep into the mirror
Let your eyeballs shine
The consciousness that sparkles
Is just the same as mine
It really doesn’t matter
What religion you were born into
What really matters in this world
Is what are you going to do?
Are you going to live a life
That has a positive effect
Or are you going to destroy the world
With your personality defect
Of course no-one really means to
Add to the chaos in their life
Its just that no-one has a clue
How to ease their trouble and strife
Let me tell you a little secret
That can help you ease your pain
Don’t listen to your thoughts
For your mind is totally insane
Listen to the real you
The one that watches from on high
It has the wisdom to guide you
And you can watch your ego die
At first this will be scary
As it loves to maintain control
It will project into the future
The saving of your soul
If you only do this or that
Or if you meditate your life away
Who knows one day you may earn the right
To be at peace one day
That is what it will tell you
But don’t listen to its charm
You already are enlightened
And it can only cause you harm
Of course you have to use it
The mind does have its throne
But when you are finished thinking
Leave the fucking thing alone
Take a look at the beauty
That your mind stops you from seeing
Because all that idle mental chatter
Is what is stopping you from being
Life needs to move up a gear
Spontaneity is the key
Don’t be challenged by insecurity
It is the path that will set you free
If we could get taught these things at school
The world would solve its current woe
We have to make our mind
Our friend and not our foe

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