From The Outside Looking In

outside looking in
I am on the outside
I do not see what you see
I recognise life
Not the dead
Everything is a fiction
You are playing a part
The stage is controlled
By those who made the backdrop
What words do you use
That you think are real?
If America exists
Then show it to me
Let me have a first hand direct experience
Of this so called Land of Free
I have been inside the imaginary borders
And all I saw was Land
Same as any other
There was Sky too
They go together well
What doesn't go together
Slavery and Freedom
For your computer to exist
Sweat shops had suicide epidemics
Think about that
And also Hilary's Spirit Cleansing rituals
As you eat your next dead Cow
Democracy, Freedom, Government, Education
None of them exist
Except as a magic spell
Someone put inside your head
The thoughts you think
Are not yours
Your mind was hijacked
When it went to school
To be schooled like fish
Each one the same
Unquestioning follow the leader
You still think you need one
And spend eternity debating
Over who will lead you up the garden path
For another 4 years more
People talk about the Illuminati
But what they do not realise
Is we are all in the Illuminati
We believe the lie
The Spells in the language of Spelling
The Leaders we choose are Satanic
For they uphold the Cyst-em
And if you uphold and indeed vote for them
Well then what does that make you?
You have no right to complain
About which puppet takes the reigns
Go Back To Sleep America
No, make that the World
In fact, I stand corrected,
I mean the individual people
Who choose evil over life
By giving their power away
To anyone outside of themselves
They are no longer a caretaker of the garden
And will not be let out of jail
Until they realise there is no past or future
There is only NOW!
Money is an illusion as is ownership
Your Birth Certificate is a weapon of the Scam
And that every concept that is given to them
That they cannot experience first hand
In the living presence of
Like I can a tree or a flower
Not a scene from a movie
Or an act in a book
Then they will never be free of the lie
That has got us all by the hook
Out of Chaos will only come more Chaos
The Order will finally come when we exterminate ourselves
Then the Death Cult will have succeeded
Will you be Happy to have been on that team?
Unless of course we return instead to the Natural Order
Man as Man not as Hue-Man
Developing our unique souls in touch with the Paradise
That sits patiently waiting for us to recognise
The beauty of the Sacred Garden
Our True Home
Only then will there be Peace
Until then, keep paying your Taxes folks
I am sure your Leaders will be spending it wisely. ;-)

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