Fuck This For A Laugh


I am fucking sick of it
Sick of the apathy
Sick of the dumbness
Sick of subservient attitude
When the fuck are people going to wake up?
When the fuck are we going to take back our power?
Naked X Ray machines in airports?
Yet we get arrested if we take our clothes off in public
Our body is shameful unless it being blasted with cancer giving rays
Then it is alright
We stand for it
We take our shoes off for pricks in uniform
Worse, people take jobs to tell other people to take their shoes off
To protect us from terrorists
Don’t make me laugh
Take our fucking belts off?
When I took mine off I wanted to slap those cunts in the face
I wanted to scream at everybody
Fucking wake up you fucking bunch of retards
You fucking sheep
You complete waste of human flesh
Of course maybe I am arrogant
Cause I didn’t do that
No, instead I let them shit all over me too
Because in those situations they have us by the balls
So let’s get organised
Let’s all of us refuse to travel on any airplane
Until we can take whatever the fuck we like on them
Including make up or whatever the fuck stupid thing they say we can’t take
Like a lethal bottle of water for fucks sake
This world is fucked
And it is not because there are a few bad men controlling it
It is because there are millions of fucking idiots who do fuck all about it
We don’t stand up for our basic human rights
We don’t care what kind of world we leave our children
We don’t give a fuck that kids are getting indoctrinated with bullshit
We take hand outs from the State and get stoned and watch TV
We don’t hold our leaders accountable for fuck all
They are only in positions of power cause we gave all ours away
We need to take it back
If that means killing everyone who refuses to give it us back
Then fuck it
Give me a gun
I will take the lot of them out
That may sound shocking to you
But thats because you have been brainwashed
Why do the police have guns and we do not?
If they come to round us up in the concentration camps they are building
Then I want to have a fair fight with them
That is all I am saying
They put their guns down then fair enough
Lead by example or don’t lead at all
But no, the power elite have a game plan
They are organized and have vast wealth
They work together for their goal
And they bribe and train us to do their dirty work for them
To participate willingly in our own imprisonment
To lobotomize our brains with the garbage we put in
Game shows, sports and other inconsequential pish
The list is fucking endless
And they make money of it as well as sterilize our thinking faculties
A two for one, win win situation for them
No wonder they are fucking laughing
We even know who THEY are
We know their names
Where they live
Where they meet
The names of their various groups and organizations
Where their children go to school
And yet we let them go about their business of destroying the fucking world
Hasn’t anyone got any balls?
Doesn’t anyone care?
Why can’t I talk to my neighbours about this shit?
Without them thinking I up a looney
All I want is a sit down conversation
To discuss the fact that we are prisoners and slaves to banking families
And all the edifices of power
Need to be taken down
For only when we the fucking people do that
Will we have earned the right
To be called Free Men
And we will be able to look ourselves in the mirror
Cause we will have known that we done what needed to be done
And legislation will be passed
That protects people’s future rights
In no uncertain terms
To make sure that Tyranny is outlawed
Once and for all
And we can explore our human potential
For the good of all
Doesn’t that make sense?
Or would you rather live in abject poverty all of your life?
So fuck this for a laugh
It is not funny anymore
Who wants to join me?
Is anyone listening?
Do any of you give a motherfucking shit?
Or are you too busy on Facebook?
Telling the world how fucking boring your meaningless life is?
Or listening to fucking shite music with no balls or passion
That installs demons into your soul?
In fact, don’t answer that
Enjoy your fucking Rap music and so called CULTure
Go back to sleep
Bring on World War Three
Let’s Blow ourselves up once and for all
And do this planet a favour
We have tortured her long enough
The elite is correct
There are too many of us
We are fucking Cattle
And we deserve all we get

On second thoughts
I will find like minded minds
I know they must be out there
People who are interested
In the world they live in
Who try their best to educate themselves
To get back up each time they fall
To use the force of positive thought
Who knows the system is flawed
Not necessarily the people in it
So we must join together
To form a new system
It will start of small
It will grow exponentially
As we build our momentum
We will demonstrate a new way of living
That will give the rest hope
Then their hearts can awaken
Their minds can engage
Their demons will run
We can play Sacred Music
To lift our spirits
And join together in the dance of life
As it was always meant to be
Older and wiser and more free than ever
We can explore psychedelics
As religious sacraments
Make contact with Gods who we used to be able to see
They are waiting for us
To come out of the smoke
We can use magic too
That will empower our intention
To create a new world order
Instead of the one we have now
Which claims it isn’t here
But is all around us
Education and action must go hand in hand
So lets make contact
With our fellow men who want to be free
And break down the walls before they get too high

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