Halt Bar 21/1/14

Halt Bar

So, some gigs go better than other gigs. That is a fact. This yin didnae go tae well. Such is life. A’ find it quite tough when a’ up under pressure tae be funny. A’ prefer jist pissin’ aboot onstage like whit a’ dae at Lach’s open mic nichts, but when a’ am on in a comedy club a’ try tae be professional and dae a set wi’ actual punchlines.

Halt Bar

Maybe a’ shouldnae ae started this yin aff by talkin’ aboot the Auld Firm. A’ thought cause a’ wiz on in Glasgae that a’ would confront that issue head on. Hooever, the crowd were very apathetic when a’ mentioned it so perhaps they are sick tae death ae the topic.

So, a’ tried ma best tae get a laugh fae them and tae be honest maest ae the comedians struggled this nicht. At the end ae ma stint a’ went intae a bit aboot hoo a’ hate ma material. That got me a few laughs but a’ dinnae ‘hink it won me many friends amongst the comedians an’ a’ doobt if a’ll be allowed back but still, ye dae whit ye gottae dae tae get laughs eh.

At the break aftir ma set a got talkin’ tae young Dave. He has been performin’ comedy fur a few years an’ he said he enjoyed ma set, so that made me feel a bit better cause although a’ kin be a bit brash sometimes, a’ still like tae dae ma best tae entertain ye ken, so it wiz nice tae hae some guid feedback.

Halt Bar

We then went back in tae watch Nancy Clench dae a headline spot. A’ enjoyed her material cause it is aboot as raw, if no’ mare sae, then mine. Then a’ had a mad dash back tae Glasgae Queen Street fur the train. Catchin’ it wi’ aboot 30 seconds tae spare. Go on the Nob!

A’ must ae left some kind an impression though cause the next day a’ got a mention in a facebook thread fae somebody whae saw me fur the first time that nicht.

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Cheers the nooo…


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