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Early Evening Caberet

My friend Davy Mitchell has written a book called ‘Love you, bye’ and asked for some help to get it published. I told him about the website Lulu which enables anyone to Self Publish and said if he needed some help to let me know. He let me know by replying ‘Billy, I need help’ and so we met the next day at Dianes Pool Hall to go over the details. It would also enable us to discuss my slot at The Moriarty Bar during the Edinburgh Festival this year which Davy is running….the proverbial two birds….

As I can’t afford it, I told myself that I wouldn’t drink and just stick to the business in hand but when on arriving at 2pm, he asked the question, “What you having?”, I thought ‘Orange and Lemonade’ but said “Pint of Guinness please”. With that, the day was only going to go one way….

Davy and I did manage to talk about some business issues but mostly it was games of pool (for only 20p a game!) and pint sinking. It was good to catch up with him and he even took me to The Moriarty Bar to check it out.

The Moriarty Bar

It is a lovely venue and the room downstairs is suited perfectly for comedy during the Festival. Nice size and friendly bar staff, so I am looking forward to that very much.

Around 7pm Davy headed off and perhaps that’s what I should have done too, especially as I had to borrow a tenner from him to keep drinking, but instead I went to Henry’s Cellar Bar to check out the Early Evening Caberet hosted by Miss Annabel Sings.

Early Evening Caberet

It used to be the Late Night Caberet but has been switched to early evening slot and I think it works well there. A nice way to get the night up and running and again the quality of the acts at Henry’s never fails to impress me.

Here they are in order of appearance…

Miss Annabel Sings

Billy Watson and Miss Annabel Sings

Claire Spears

Billy Watson and Clair Spears

Cherry Fox

Billy Watson and Cherry Fox

Michael MacFarlane

Billy Watson and Michael MacFarlane

Aurora Winterborn

Billy Watson and Aurora Winterborn

Annabel and Cherry

Miss Annabel Sings and Cherry Fox

Paul B.Edwards

I had bumped into Paul a couple of times at previous Edinburgh Festivals but never really had the chance to talk to him. He was in town scouting out possible venues for the PBH Free Fringe organisation and I had good chat with him outside the venue. Really nice guy and he does a podcast called Punky Radio which is worth checking out.

Billy Watson and Paul B.Edwards and Frank Galbraith

Lach’s Performers

After the Caberet, the resident host of Henry’s, Lach put on his acts. I was only able to stay for the first two before I ran out of money and was too drunk to drink anymore anyway, so I left to get the train at 10.30pm which is only 30 minutes earlier than I usually have to leave to catch my last train.

Jack of Diamonds

Steven Smith

Billy Watson and Steven Smith

As I said before, I enjoy all the acts at Henry’s but I thought Steven was exceptional. Granted I was fairly pished by this time but his songs blew me away. This was his last time playing in Edinburgh before heading off to London to try his hand there. I wish him all the best in his quest.

And with that it was time to head off for the train, more than a little worse for wear but still, a fine day oot in Edinburgh was had.

The Photos

It turned out that my Uncle from Belfast visited the next day and I spent the next 3 days in the pub as well. Needless to say I was more in debt and much worse for wear by the end of that. Still, a mans gotta do…..what he feels he must, in order to keep up the illusion he’s still a party animal rather than an old worn out shoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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