Henry’s Early Evening Caberet – 30/4/14

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Billy on Henry's Bill

Nob Stewart performed at the Caberet a few weeks previously and the organiser and usual host, Miss Annabel Sings, invited him back to perform. However, one week they needed a comedian so I volunteered my services. It turned out that she had got someone else to perform that week but gave me the option of taking Nob’s place on the week he was due to perform. He wasn’t too thrilled about that idea but I was happy to oblige and sent him to lick his wounds.

Miss Annabel Sings though was sick and so her regular performing partner, Cherry Fox, stepped up to the plate. She done a great job of getting everything ready and making sure all the acts had all they needed. I didn’t need much, just a working mic.

We all did need one thing though, and that was an audience. It was pouring of rain outside and so we delayed the start from 7pm to 7.30pm and managed to get about 4 actual audience member in before the first act.

The No Soap Radio Show

The No Soap Radio Show were first to perform that evening and they put on a comedic magic show. For one of the comedy pair it was his first time onstage that he wasn’t sat behind a drum kit. He was the drummer in The Hemulens which featured in the last Superhoot and he even managed to fit in a plug for the band and hand out some flyers during their spot.

They put on a good show and finished with a twist on the audience members ‘signed card’ being pulled out of an orange by instead pulling it out of a banana, which helped me decide what to start my set with.

The No Soap Radio Show

Billy Watson

Billy at Henry's

Cherry Fox had witnessed Nob’s last performance and I gather she was rather taken aback by it as in my introduction she said she watched it with her hand over her mouth in shock. Fair enough, but as I pointed out that is kind of the point with Nob.

As I mentioned above, because the banana theme was in the air, I then went into a story about a banana experience I had in Amsterdam and took it from there.

Dog On A Swing

Dog On A Swing

I have seen Dog On A Swing a few times at Henry’s and again he put on another fine display of great songwriting. He also told me a bit about how he gets a variety of different musicians together to put on full band Dog On A Swing gigs, which because the musicians change every time helps to keep the songs fresh for him to play. Sounds like a great idea, I’d love to see the full band in action sometime but you can watch his set that night here.

Cherry Fox and the Gang!

Cherry Fox and the Gang

Normally, it’s Annabel and Cherry who get together for a sing-song to round off the show but as Annabel was not there, all the cast member were invited to the stage to singalong. However, none of us really knew the words so we did a little dance and I tried to help out with some whistles and getting the boys to singalong in the background as Cherry done her thing. You can view it here

The Gang!

So even though the audience wasn’t that big, I think we all still really enjoyed performing and I managed to get a quick snap with Cherry and The No Soap Radio boys afterwards.

Billy with Cherry Fox and The No Soap Radio Show

Thanks again to Annabel and Cherry for having me.

Wagon Steamer

Wagon Steamer

The night was not finished there however, as Lach arranges musicians for the rest of the night. Wagon Steamer was next on and by this time about 20, shall we say ‘mature’, Swedish people had arrived and they really enjoyed Wagon Steamers set, with a few of them even getting up and dancing to the MDMA song. Yep, I wouldn’t have believed it either unless I saw it myself. Watch here.

Henry’s Dive Bar Band

Dog On A Swing is also a member of Henry’s Dive Bar Band and he told me that the only time they play together is onstage in front of an audience. This was about their 8th gig and their members consist of Roy Møller (Writer with Belle and Sebastian), Jim Park (of The Exploited), Ed (of Dog on a Swing) and Miguel Miguel (of The Irresistible Urges).

Henry's Dive Bar Band

I did video their set and passed it onto Lach but he wants it kept under wraps so I haven’t put it online. Maybe this is to keep the allure going and entice people in or to make sure people don’t get a preview and not turn up.

Lach said toward the end of the gig that he was surprised people were still there because they do make a bit of a racket but I thought it was great. I love ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ performances and these guys do that but you can see the fun they are having while they do. I recommend checking them out next time they play.

Neil The Barman

I grabbed this photo of Neil the barman as I left to catch the train.

Neil the Barman

So, once again, another fine night at Henry’s.

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