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late night caberet

I was in Edinburgh to meet someone for a chinwag and a couple of beers. When they had to get an early bus home I decided to pop over to Henry’s Cellar Bar to see out The Jellyman’s Daughter who I knew were performing and who I had already checked out earlier that day with their cover of Portishead’s Sour Times on youtube.

On entering, at the bar I met Lynne Roberts who’s set I had just missed as she is a Blues Guitarist and singer. I had a nice chat with her and then she returned to her seat and I grabbed one to settle in for The Jellyman’s Daughter.

The Jellyman’s Daughter

Henrys Cellar Caberet (13)

I didn’t have my camcorder with me, only my camera which hasn’t got the best video recording facility on it but I was enjoying their set so much I couldn’t help but capture some of it. Here are four songs from it. The one they sang about the child was particularly touching for me as I haven’t seen my son in 4 months other than through Skype. It brought a tear to my eye actually. Aw.

Henry’s Late Night Caberet

After their set it was time for Henry’s Late Night Caberet to begin which is hosted by the wonderful Miss Annabel Sings. She has a very relaxed manner on stage and told a few stories and cracked a few jokes before bursting into song. I was certainly taken with her and feel that she is a very good host for a caberet evening.

Henrys Cellar Caberet (14)

She introduced a poet who came on and did a 15 minute set before she came back on and introduced Cherry Fox.

Cherry Fox

Henrys Cellar Caberet (10)

After her first song, I had to get my camera out again to record some of Cherry’s fine set. I was particularly taken with her version of Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’. The video below really doesn’t do it justice and it was an absolute pleasure to experience. Great stuff and not just because she sang it in her pants. 🙂

After she finished it was about time for me to catch the train home, so before I left I went over to Cherry to tell her how much I enjoyed her set but Annabel spotted me chatting to her and grabbed me to the stage.

It was the time of the evening when she was about to pass the hat, or in this case a Fez, around the audience for donations and she so she asked me, “What do you think they will put in the hat Billy?”.

I, of course, had to go for some laughs so I replied “Fivers, Tens, Twenty’s”, knowing I was digging a hole for myself as she asked me to get the ball rolling. So I said “Let me see what I’ve got” and pulled out my wallet to find my last Fiver. This got a big cheer from the audience but then I said, “But that’s my Train Fare home”, which brought a big sigh.

So, then I said, “I’ll give it to you for a kiss” and for which Miss Annabel Sings was happy to oblige. I then popped my fiver into the hat and had to dash off for my train. I hope I helped them get a few bob more in their collection that night as I know how hard performers work and how little appreciation they tend to get in the finance zone.

I then had to use my bank card for my train fare, thankfully there was still some overdraft left or else I’d have been well fucked.

It was a great night’s entertainment but what I felt most sorry about was the fact that it was really only the performers playing mainly to each other and their friends. This venue puts on really great shows every night of the week and Mon, Tue and Wed are free entry (apart form the donations obviously) and I wish more people would come out to, not only support the acts, but to enjoy live performance rather than sit in front of Lucifer’s Dreambox.

So, if you are in town one night, be sure to pop along to Henry’s Cellar Bar. You won’t regret it as not only are the acts great but it is a very friendly sociable crowd that frequent the place, although I was maybe a bit overly friendly when I grabbed Lynne for a hug as it was damned cold outside.  Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind too much. 🙂

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