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Hibernian, the football team I support got relegated from the Premier division today. I say support, but I stopped actually giving them money a long time ago when I got a job and was expected to pay my own way into the ground.

In fact, I got a Season ticket with my first months wages and then after a few games realised that I had been done, as the price of the ticket for the quality of football seemed a bit disproportionate to say the least. I mean, I went to the rest of the games that season as I am Scottish and had paid for the tickets, but after that year I haven’t been that often.

When I was about 13 though I was picked to be the first Hibs Kid to be the Mascot. Here I am on the Launch evening of the Hibs Kids, with the manager at the time and two of the first team players, can you name them?

Billy with Hibs Players 2

Billy with Hibs Players

I was on the pitch longer than I have ever seen any mascot and I must have spent at least 5 minutes taking shots for the Goalie, Jim McCarthur. We played Greenock Morton, who are hardly a force in world football, and got beat 2-1. Lucky White Heather eh.

As you can see I got mentioned in that days Edinburgh Evening News Pink Newspaper but can you also name the Captain of Hibs who is in the photo with me? So, that is 4 names in total. First one to put the correct names in the comments wins a prize.

Billy Hibs Mascot

So anyway, back to the doom laden day in question. The reason I made this video was because I actually predicted Hibs would get relegated during a show at the Edinburgh Festival last year. I just wish I put money on it. I dug out my recording of it and edited into the video below to prove it, with some comments before and after about Hibs and football in general.

So, at least we have the close season without having to worry about football results, well, other than hoping that England get knocked out the World Cup asap. What with Liverpool throwing away the League and Hibs getting relegated, England winning the World Cup would really be the icing on the cake. Let’s hope that isn’t another prediction. Maybe I should go to the bookies now, if only to soften the blow if they did. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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