Kam Birdee Interview

Kam Birdee Interview

About 8 years ago I had gotten friendly with a musician on The Barefoot Doctor forum by the name of Nick Storey.

The Doc was playing a gig in London which I was keen to attend and Nick kindly offered me a sofa in his shared apartment for a couple of nights. So, in order to make the trip super worthwhile I contacted the Doc, who was a Nob Stewart fan, and arranged an interview with him at his house.

The next night I went to the gig and on the night after that Nick told me that he had a friend he would like me to meet who he had also got chatting to on the forum. She turned out to be the beautiful Kam Birdee. She accredits the Barefoot Doctor as being a major catalyst in turning her life around from a place of despair to beginning to tread the path she went on and which has led her to becoming a Well Being Consultant.

Billy and Kam Birdee

I really liked Kam from the get-go and we kept in touch occasionally by email for a few years and then on facebook. She has recently took the plunge to leave her well paid corporate job to go full time into her passion and so I had a chat with her about her experiences growing up and how she now puts the lessons she learned to good use in order to help others.

In the interview Kam mentions that she is engaged to be married so I thought I’d include a photo of the lucky couple. I wish them both all the best.

Kam with her future husband, Chris.

On the night Nick, Kam and myself went out in London we went to the Pear Shaped Comedy Club run by Brian Damage and Vicky De Lacy.

Billy with Kam and Friends in London.

Brian and Vicky had ran the Holyrood Tavern venue in Edinburgh when I put on my first one man show it 2002 and I was honoured to be able to do a spot in their home club. However, because we were having a great time chatting up the stairs I only managed to get a 1 minute spot at the end, instead of the usual 5 minutes.

Billy, Nick and Kam in the Pear Tree Comedy Club Venue

Not the greatest promo shot for a well being consultant. Lol.

Still, the joke I done got a laugh and I’d played the legendary 2nd worst comedy club in London so my weekend was complete.

If you think you would like Kam to help you overcome stress, do some healing work with you, public speaking or even to help you find your life purpose she offers a free 30 minute consultation to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to contact her through her website at www.kambirdee.com.

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