Kate Copstick Interview

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At last years Edinburgh Festival John Fleming organised and hosted a debate between Janey Godley, Bob Slayer, Paul Provenza and Kate Copstick as part of the Malcolm Hardee week.

I asked John if I could film it and he said sure which is great news for you as their was some awesome moments in it. I will put it on the site soon.

At the end of the gig Bob asked Kate if she would like to tell people about her Kenyan Mama Biashara Charity.

After it Kate was chatting to some punters so I bided my time and when the moment was right asked her if she would mind doing an interview with me about the Kunt and the Gang ‘Cockgate’ scandal.

I was hopin’ to just get a few minutes but fortunately she was in the mood to talk and I got 45 minutes of pure Copstick Gold in which she talks about the scandal, fringe promoters, Malcolm Hardee and her charity in Kenya amongst other things.

Nob Stewart with Kate Copstick

She is an interviewers dream fur sure because she is not short of an opinion on any topic, although she was a bit cagey when talking aboot the free fringe organisations but still gave her honest opinion, which is why she is so respected.

I loved talking to her and as John Flemming said on his blog, she should be Prime Minister.

Nob Stewart , Kate Copstick and John Fleming

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview and please accept my apologies if I talk to much during the interview. I never claimed to be Michael Parkinson.

Kate Coptsick Interview


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