Lach’s Anti-hoot – 10/2/14

Anti-hoot 10_2_14 (2)

It was Monday night and so time for me to go along to Lach’s Anti-hoot Open Mic at Henry’s Cellar Bar to bang my head against a comedy wall one more time.

Anti-hoot 10_2_14 (1)

As it isn’t technically a comedy club, I like to use is a a place to experiment with some ideas and approaches, well at least until I figure out what it is that I want to do exactly. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to go with the flow, rather than control every aspect and so I jumped into the deep end once again and then it is a case of sink or swim. I like living life on the edge.

Lach introduced the show and played a couple of songs to get everyone in the mood. Here’s one he opened the second half of the show with.

I was the first act on that night and I started off trying to stand still and talk into the mic without moving but after a couple of minutes I had to call quits on that one and unwrap it from the stand so I could express myself more fully. This helped me to dig out a set from somewhere and at the end I ended up comparing myself to Jesus… you do.

Anti-Hoot Jesus

I put my jumper on for the second shorter set.

After my first set Lach told his Strand Nails joke. Always goes down well.

Next up was a young comedian called Scott Redmond. He has only been performing for a couple of months and he had some very good jokes. It won’t take him long to build up a bit more confidence and I think he’ll do quite well in the comedy circuit.

After him were a series of musical acts. Here is a selection from what they performed.
Anti-hooter 1, Dan Collins, Anti-hooter 3 and Dog on a Swing

Greg Dodgson played my favourite song of the night but unfortunately I didn’t record it. It was a song about William Cooper who wrote Behold a Pale Horse which claimed many things to do with conspiracy theories of the government and of the military working with aliens. He ended up being fatally shot by the Police.

Here is the last song he played that evening.

Sam Porter went on to get the Staff vote for the night and qualify for the final. Here he is covering a Gorrilaz song which he does well to get through while having to shrink to do so.

Efro and her backing guitarist were deserving winners of the audience vote (she got mine) and I think she stands a real chance of winning the final. If I were a betting man she’d be worth a flutter anyway. Here’s her first song and her second.

The Photos

Blue Wicked Spasm Band – William Cooper

Here is the song that Greg played about William Cooper. I had a good chat with him afterwards and he says he would like to do a better recording of it but I think this one is pretty cool.

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