Lach’s Anti-Hoot 20/1/14

Nob and Lach

Well, it wiz Monday nicht an’ there wiz fuck aw on TV as usual, so a spent money a’ hivnae got tae get the train through tae Edinburgh fur Lach’s Anti-hoot.

A’ maybe should hit the stage wi’ a plan but that really isnae in ma nature, so a’ jist got up there and rambled pish fur a while. There were a few burds in so a’ tried chattin’ them up but didnae get tae far.

A’ had a blast durin’ the break, so it wiz another ramshakle performance wi’ the guitar. It wouldnae make much difference whit state a’ wiz in though, cause a’ am pish either way. Mind yoo, a’ did get a few laughs which at least kids ma ego on that a’ amnae that bad an’ that there is method tae ma madness. Ye kin judge fur yersels.

Best part ae the nicht wiz hangin’ oot wi’ these twa young ‘hings. They were bathe lovely and up fur a guid laugh. Pity a’ had tae run fur the fuckin’ train again though.

Nob and Burds

The Photaes

Cheers the noo!

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