Lach’s Anti-hoot 20/1/14

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I headed back into Edinburgh for another Monday night at Lach’s Anti-Hoot at Henry’s Cellar Bar. I have said it before but I am very impressed with the standard of the musical talent that appears here every week and this week was certainly up there with the best.

I’ll let their performances speak for themselves.


Lach as usual kicked off the night with a couple of great songs.

Danny Mullins

One Way Chemistry


I met and videoed Candythief during the Edinburgh festival and it was great to see her play again with support from the Cello player from One Way Chemistry.


Greame Mearns

Nob Stewart was there talking about Hare Krishnas and Internet Porn while also trying to hit on some women in the audience. You can see his blog about it here.

Grabbed Frame 7

Before the second half of the evening I met these two lovely ladies, Haley and her pal. They were both from England and had lived in Edinburgh for about a year and had only recently discovered Henry’s but were very happy to do so. Hopefully I’ll see them again there sometime in the future as they said they would be becoming regulars.

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Performers List

Here’s Lach going through the performer list. He missed out Danny at the start but I included this because I like the way he referred to Nob.

The winners who each won £25 and who go through to the Anti-hoot final were Stringjammers and Greame Mearns. As you can see by the end of the evening the place was quite busy and everyone was enjoying the acts….even Nob!

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Although most of the acts are musical, the stage is an open stage for any type of act to perform so if you are that way inclined then why not get yourself along each Monday night. Sign up to perform from 7.30pm-8pm.

The rule is you get a voting slip for each drink you buy so if you have some friends you would like to bring along to support you, the more the merrier!

Of course, you are welcome to just come along as an audience member to support the evening in general.

Hopefully see you there one week.

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