Lach’s Anti-Hoot – 3/2/14

Lach and Billy

It was Monday night and that could only mean time for another visit to Lach’s Anti-Hoot at Henry’s Cellar Bar. I had missed the previous week’s one due to being at Pandemonium Comedy at Caberet Voltaire and so was glad to be back.

Each week Lach offers £25 to two performers which are decided by an audience vote and staff vote. I have yet to achieve that accolade but I go there to experiment a bit and try not to think about the competition aspect too much….although the money would be handy, if only to help cover the costs of my train fare into Edinburgh. 🙂

It is always a good night there with many fine musicians and this week also included two storytellers, one of whom, Chelsea Cargill, made it through to the final.

Here are a the performers I recorded this week.
Anti-Hooter 1,
Anti-Hooter 2.

Here are the sets I performed.

As I shouted at the audience at the end of the first one, I thought I better start the second set with an apology. Sometimes, I get frustrated, what can I say? It’s not easy being….well, anyone these days is it?

This week my vote went to Calvin Arsenia. When I was onstage I said it was good to see another member of the Hair Bear Bunch there and mentioned that sometimes I brush my hair up to have the same effect as Calvin and then post the photos on facebook but people just think I look like an arsehole.

Billy Hair

As you can see here Calvin pulls off the ‘brushy uppy’ look far better than I.

Harvey War Banger was my second favourite act that night. I thought it was really cool what he was doing with the Ukulele. He has an EP which you can purchase on his website.

The Photos

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