Lach’s Anti-Hoot 9/12/13

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Lach on Stage

I went along to Henry’s Cellar Bar last Monday for another one of Lach’s great Anti-hoot open mic nights. I wasn’t performing but Nob got up with his guitar in a desperate last bid to win £25 and qualify for the Superhoot final which I talked about in previous blogs.

Superhoot Poster

At least, he thought it was his last bid, thinking that the final was tomorrow, Monday 16th, but that will be the last heat with the final taking place on the following night. So who knows, Nob or myself may yet enter one more time. We just tell ourselves it’s not the winning that counts….

To be honest though, the taking part is really what counts because I am just happy to get some stage time to try out some different ideas and the fact there is a prize up for grabs puts a bit of added pressure on me, cause I guess we are all competitive to a degree, whereas before it was just a case of give it a whirl and Ce la vie.

Regardless, Nob enjoyed himself both on and off stage and I believe he even got some votes this time, so he is going up in the world. While there, I caught a few of the other acts with my camcorder and here they are for your viewing pleasure although I reckon I maybe need to buy a decent microphone as the sound isn’t great. Please excuse me as the camera is quite old and as they say in Scotland, you can only pish with the cock you’ve got. 🙂


Lach seemed to be well in the mood for it and I thought he totally rocked these first two songs. Great stuff as usual.


I was supposed to appear at a poetry evening that Miko is involved in called Soapbox Poetry, a few nights prior to this open mic but I couldn’t make it through, so I was happy to introduce myself to him after witnessing this fantastic performance. He is starting a new venture in the new year called Loud Poets which I think is going to be well worth checking out.


I have seen Rory a few times at Henry’s and always enjoy his songs. His first one this night was particularly great but I never got that on camera. Still, this is a good number too.

Craig Finnie

Craig is another regular at the Anti-hoot and entertains us here with two of his own very fine compositions.

Anti-Hooter 1

I loved this duo. Great song with heartfelt singing with very nice lead guitar to compliment the tune. Very cool and a good version of Sweet Virginia to follow it.

Anti-Hooter 2

This guy appeared just at the end of the first section with a poet friend of mine called Anita Govan. She done a poem in the second half but I missed it as I had to catch my train home. Fortunately though I caught this guy as I thought his songs were really cool. Check them out for yourself to see what I mean.

So, again another great Open Mic Night at Henry’s Cellar Bar. There is really quite a scene coming together in Edinburgh with many Spoken Word nights taking off, open mic nights and even a new Comedy night run by Rory McAlpine at Footlights Bar. To get involved in culture at the grass roots level was one of the main reasons I wanted to move back to Scotland and so far, I am happy that I did.

I love seeing people share their talent and hearing what they have to express. Thankfully, the scene seems to be alive and well with many people coming out to take part and support the events and long may it continue.

Anti-Hoot Crowd

The Photos


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