Lach’s Anti-Hoot 9/12/13


A’ went through tae Lach’s Anti-hoot again cause a’ had fuck aw better tae dae so a’ thought a would inflict ma singin’ on some real musicians.

A’ made the mistake ae gettin’ well smashed afore goin’ onstage which didnae help when a’ realised ma guitar wiz oot ae tune an’ a’ needed tae sort it afore playin’. The battery on the tuner wiz low though so a’ couldnae really see it an’ then some geezer fae the audience telt me tae jist ‘play it’. Bastard. A’ wonder if he’d say that tae a seasoned professional or that if a professional would give in sae easy tae that request.

A’ felt under pressure at that point though so a’ jist battered on. A’ dinnae ken why a’ am even postin’ this clip on the site cause it wiz a fairly shit version ae Times Are A’ Evolvin‘, which is ma cover ae Dylans ‘The Times They are a’ Changin”.

A’ wiz gonnae follow that up wi’ Mr Politician but decided the audience must ae heard enough ae ma singin’ so a’ jist recited the poem Porn Addict. That normally gets mare laughs than it did, so that kind ae died on it’s arse tae as ye kin see by the lukewarm reception the audience gave uz at the end. Cunts.

Still, it got me oot ae the hoose so it wiznae aw bad.

The nicht did get better though as a’ met Anita Govan whae wiz an auld acquaintance back in the day when she wiz heavily involved wi’ the spoken wurd scene in Edinburgh. A’ asked her if she wiz up fur a selfie and she telt me she wiz up fur any’hin!

Nob and Anita

We had a guid laugh at her Freudian Slip but afore a’ could press hame that point, a’ got sidetracked by twa Spanish Burds whae wanted their photae taken wi’ me. Well, whit’s a red blooded man suppossed tae dae?

Nob and Spanish Burds

Afore a’ could take advantage ae their obvious enthusiasm fur the Nob a’ had tae run fur ma last train hame. Percy the Devil farts in ma face yin mare time.

A’ did manage tae squeeze in a guid photae wi’ the barman an’ his splendid Snowman Jumper afore leavin’ though. It had tae be done.

Nob and Neil

Then a’ went hame alane, yince again…

The Photaes


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