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Edinburgh Drummers

So a girl I met after a gig I performed in Caberet Voltaire a while ago invited me for a couple of drinks at City Cafe. I was told beforehand by some friends that they played loud dance music and that I wouldn’t like it too much. How wrong they were!

On arriving there at 9pm I met Anasztazia and she told me two drumming bands were playing that night with the first one having just kicked off. We went downstairs and the place was absolutely bouncing. We sat up the back for a while and had a couple of drinks and a dance on the seats to warm up.

Billy and Anasztázia

We then hit the dancefloor and I was really impressed by the drumming and especially the dancers they had, which you can see at the top of the page. It was an impressive show to say the least. They sure put in a lot of energy to dancing with those drums.

There were many people there in quite daring costumes and I didn’t want to get too camera happy as on these type of occasions a lot of people don’t want photographed. I know, hard to believe, eh? 😉

However, when I saw a geezer with a Hard Hat on I had to get my photo taken with him as only that day I had done a job which required the wearing of such a hat.

Billy and Adam

It turned out his name was Adam and he was very obliging with his hat as every time he passed me I grabbed it to put it on someone else for a quick snap.

At one point of the evening a lot of people with Dildos and sexy costumes appeared on the stage. I don’t know to what purpose exactly other than to charge the place with some sexual energy.

Sexy Costumes

Unfortunately though, I didn’t see if it led to a mass orgy or not as I had to get the last train back to Linlithgow. Here’s a quick sample of the drumming that went on that night.

Edinburgh Drummers

A few people there told me about the Beltane Festival which is on next month and it looks really interesting. I will try to attend that if my memory serves me well.

Uncle Red

I arrived at Linlithgow at Midnight and there was still an hours drinking time left in The Star and Garter so I popped in there for a quick pint. I was delighted to discover that a 50’s Rock’n’roll band by the name of Uncle Red were doing a show.

Uncle Red

I took the only spare place at the bar available, which was directly in front of the band, and began to dance. With each number I got more carried away until by the end of the night I was Mr Party Central with a group of shall we say, ‘Mature’ Ladies.

I talked to them afterwards and halfway through one of them made the point that ‘We’re all taken’. I said “Oh, that’s what all the Ladies tell me. It must be your ‘go to’ answer when you meet me”, but inside I was thinking ‘Christ, I know I’m drunk, but I’m not that drunk!’

It was really great fun though and I would certainly recommend going along to one of their gigs if you get the chance. Check them out below…

The Photos


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