Little Bit of Theatre – 7/4/14

The 13th Note

Marta Adamowicz runs Comedy in the Basement where both Nob and I have performed and she was looking for an act for a caberet type night she also runs called Little Bit of Theatre.

Nob volunteered his services and so within an hour as I travelling through to Glasgow heading towards The 13th Note, which is a venue I have seen a good few bands play at over the years.

Marta hasn’t compered any of the Basement gigs I attended but she done a fine job of hosting this event and even had a go at some of the audience for not loving her baby!

Marta Adamowicz

I got talking to Tony Sloan before the gig and he told me he was fairly new to comedy but when he said he had been to the Viv Gee comedy course I knew he would be of a decent standard. As it turns out he even exceeded my expectations with a really tight 10 minute set and got the night off to a flyer.

Billy and Tony Sloan

Nellie came and joined Tony and I for a chit chat before the show and she went on after Tony with some really cool poetry.

Billy and Nellie

Nob was on next and he performed Rock Star and Porn Addict. Although he had to work the crowd a bit, he done well enough. I tried to video his set but the video didn’t record properly and the gig was lost to the mists of time.

After Nob was an experimental musician. I enjoyed his set but lets just say his electronic feedback soundscape, which involved hairdryers and electric shavers, wasn’t for everyone. Nellie for instance had to run out the room…and she is deaf in one ear! lol

Billy and Experimental Musician

As he began his set he went round the room handing cards out, these were two of them that we were to ponder over the intense screeching.

Goering and Goebbels

Roxy Stardust sang a couple of tunes and then came back later to do a burlesque act. She done well on both occassions as she has a lovely singing voice and had a few sexy moves in her locker too.

Roxy Stardust

Gary Meikle is a rising star of Scottish comedy and after only been gigging for one year he certainly seems to be going places. This was the 3rd time I have seen him and again another strong set. I’ll not tell you what he was doing in this bit though. 😉

Gary Meikle

Next up we had a Belly Dancer, Amber Skyline. I, of course, have seen more than a few of them while living in Turkey and from my limited technical knowledge she was up there with the best of them. 😉

Amber Skyline

I had to run for the train so didn’t catch the last act who was a musician who apparently had his long hair cut off and stuck to a board during his performance! I said goodbye to Marta as I was leaving.

Billy and Marta

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