Live In Grace

Live In Grace

I am at a turning point
I am clearing out a space
It is time I got my act together
And learn to live in grace

I told many people
That I was very special
I believed I was the one
But I was superficial

When I started to awake
And progress along the path
If people didn’t join me
They would face my wrath

Can’t they see the truth
That is so clear to me
That our leaders are evil
And that we are not free

If so, they should act
Before it is too late
If they don’t do it soon
They will have sealed our fate

They should leave their jobs
Step outside the system
The Man is in control
And it is time for us to fist him

What I didn’t realise
What you fight you become
I was like a fascist dicatator
Treating people like scum

I have since changed my mind
And have a new perspective
To spread peace and harmony
Is my new objective

If I can demonstrate
An open heart and trust
People will pick up on it
And their fear will begin to rust

We are all in this together
No one is better or worse
Even the dreaded Illuminati
Makes this planet more diverse

When we process our shadow
Face up to our dark side
Even those with a lot invested
Will realise that this is just a ride

So whatever job you have
Don’t let it get you down
Do your best to make it better
And smile instead of frown

For the time is fast approaching
When we will be led out of here
The place where we are going
Has no need for fear

The world is being transformed
We must all play our part
It doesn’t require anything special
Apart from acting from your heart

I know that may sound strange
We have not been trained that way
But the need for fame and wealth
Was leading us astray

You are fine just as you are
Your spacesuit body is perfect
If you change on the inside
The outside world will reflect

So that is my new intention
Not to criticize or judge
Life is just too short
To carry a pointless grudge

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