Love Heals


I’m afraid of intimacy
I don’t want to get hurt
I’ve was hurt once before
I can’t let it happen again
So I’ve locked the door
No-one can come in
I’ve pulled down the shutters
It’s safe in here
Devoid of light
But safe
At least, that’s what I tell myself
We all have our ways
Of covering our cracks
Some pretend they are holy
Some revel in their darkness
I prefer turning to stone
I refuse to blossom
Or show any sign of life
But I know I have a heart
I want to show it to you
But I’m scared
Scared that you won’t like me
Afraid I haven’t got what it takes
To justify your attention
Or dare I say love
So I find excuses
To neglect the things I must do
In order to shape my life
Into the best possible view
Because these four walls
Aren’t much to look at
But at least they are safe
Or so I kid myself on
Because we all know that life
Cannot be dodged that way
It’ll creep up on you
And have its day
I recently announced that I’d reinvented myself
But these things take time
To manifest their self
But I’m getting there
My excuses are waning
And hopefully sometime tomorrow
I’ll come out and let some light in
I’ll show my face to you
I’ll talk to the camera
I’ll show that I’m real
And then we can start to evolve
Our ideas together
In the garden of love
Because the flower inside me
Needs to be watered
And maybe by taking action
Will I be lucky enough
To feel mother nature
Look kindly on me
And pour me her love
And I’ll do the rest
I’ll stretch out my hand
And blow my cobwebs away
I’ll take back my power
And start a new day
Stronger than ever
With belief growing inside
That the world can be kind
If you have love in your eyes
Love heals

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