Maturing The Ego

Maturing The Ego

The past is finished
It has gone
The time has come to let it be
I lived in a world of ego
A voice controlled me
Led me astray
I thought it was my intuition
But it was the devil at play
I grew tired of blind alleys
Walking up wrong paths
So I learned to meditate
To see if that would help
The changes were profound
My ego didn’t like them
And tried to rear it’s ugly head
So I gave it a chance
And listened to what it said
It was scared of death
Just like we all are I guess
So I explained there is no such thing
And that we have to grow together
It can tell me what I need to know
About the outside world
Then we will hand over control
To the greater part of me
The part that knows the way
That is tuned to the source
With light and love and wisdom
We shall become a powerful force
The ego will mature
As it sees my life unfold
Into a new greater way of being
One where riches are untold
We no longer require
Material things to satisfy our soul
When we learn to share love with one another
That will be like striking gold
We will feel the earth move below us
As it too recognises the benefit
That every part of creation gets
When we follow our true path
So let’s let go of the outcome
And trust that we do not need to know
We can only act in the moment
So do what brings us joy
Not instant gratification
Anyone can get that
Joy comes from expanding our capabilities
While gratification just makes us fat
Take a little step outside your routine
Stretch yourself a little each day
After all isn’t life a game
Let our children teach us
They still know the secret
Watch how easily they smile
And how little they think about the future
Our lives are now so let us live them
While being kind to one another

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