Michael and Serap Wedding

I was very happy to receive an invite to the Wedding of two of my good friends in Antalya, Michael and Serap. I was the one who introduced them to each other as I had invited Serap to Adı Bar one Friday night and then invited Michael. I told him that a hot Turkish chick, who had lived in his home country of Canada for 8 years would be there and he didn’t need any more convincing to come after that and straight away they got on like a house on fire.

michael and serap

It was good to see that Michael had invited the DJ from Adı Bar, Mehmet, along to the wedding too.

Here I am with the brid….er, hold on. No, it’s not, it is actually the Bride’s Aunt. Let’s just say there was a familu ruckus over that dress. Even I hasd the good grace to ask the Bride before I came if it would be Ok if I wore my Kilt!

The table seating were pre-arranged and I was sat beside Levent from the Leon Trio. I couldn’t remember at the time but we had actually met before in Olympos one afternoon. He played a few song with the wedding band but I missed them as I was on the balcony chatting.

Jo and Annika were on my other side. I found out later that I had seen Jo play drums in a band he was in from Belgium called Deus, about 20 years ago in Edinburgh.

This little girl wanted her picture with the hairy guy in the skirt but she was very shy in asking. We managed to figure out what she wanted eventually.

Michael was keeping the other children entertained on the dance-floor.

All the drinks were on Michael so needless to say I took full advantage of that and this waiter was happy to keep me going with a constant supply.

I don’t know how I missed it on the night but when I saw the photo I was very impressed with Ferhan’s Tie.

They cut their cake with a light saber!

I think they were trying to tell me something.

I brought my Leopardskin Cowboy hat which went down a treat with almost everyone trying it on at some point

A wedding in Turkey wouldn’t be a wedding without a spot of Line Dancing.

Even on her Wedding night, Serap is still a Rock’n’Roller!

Aynure joined the party after her course had finished and I met up again with the artist Mehmet. I took a while for him to recognise me as I had a lot more hair than I had on our previous meeting.

It was lovely to see our Salsa teacher Funda again, still looking as beautiful as ever.

Aysun and her husband Bila (not pictured) were there too. They were the ones who took me to Adı Bar for the first time.

I had met Serap’s father at Oktoberfest in 2013, so he was used to trying on my hats.

This was perhaps the funniest moment of the night for me as the photographer kept on taking photos as me and this guy begged him to stop. I guess you had to be there. Another funny sight was seeing this same guy getting carried down the stairs a the end of the evening.

Of course The Bride looked the best with the Leopardskin accessory.

Notice there were no men trying to catch the bouquet.

See what I mean.

This lady looked happy though.

Now this is what I call a great ‘team photo’ to end the evening.

On my way home I tried to burn off a few calories from the countless beers I had. Didn’t help with my hangover though.

Here are some video highlights of the evening.

Was a really great night and I have to say the meal was superb!

All the best to Michael and Serap for many happy years together. 🙂

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