Moriarty Bar – 6/4/14

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This is probably a gig that is best left on my hard disk but I’ll post it anyway cause I don’t have a business plan as far as this whole comedy lark goes. I’ve been ignored for long enough so I don’t think the odd dodgy gig will bring my career to a shuddering halt. It has to be moving in the first place for that to happen.

The gig was scheduled for 6pm on a Sunday evening, and main problem with this gig was that it was mainly comedians in the audience and they are a tough crowd to say the least. We are too busy analysing the other acts set to remember to laugh. There were about 3 non-comedians in the audience and as I have performed an hour long Edinburgh show to just one person on more than one occasion, I suppose I should be happy that there is anyone there at all!

Anyway, here’s what transpired when I hit the stage. Funny thing is, after performing at these type of gigs I am usually quite pleased I did. ‘Character building’ as they say.

It was good to meet the other comedians though and start to get used to performing there as this is where I will be doing my Edinburgh show this year. Onwards and upwards!

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