Moriarty Bar & Footlights Bar Gigs – 4/5/14

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Billy at Moriarty Bar

I went back to Moriarty Bar to face another audience of mainly comedians. I am not a big fan of these type of gigs but after performing it I was pleased that I did. I managed to generate some new material out of it and it is always good to work some stage muscles.

It was also good to meet and see the other comedians who were there, Davy Mitchel, Iain Campbell, David Callan, Diane Stewart, Michael Hollingworth and John Purves.

The Photos


After Moriarty’s we headed around to Footlights where Paul McDougal was hosting. Here I am with Paul, David and another comedian Thomas Black.

The Boys at Footlights

David has had over 1 million views on youtube with his video where he does accents from around the world. Here is a clip of David’s set.

After the comedy a musician started playing so I grabbed one of the 4 female acts on that night, Jeannie Bottlejones up for a waltz.

Billy and Jeanie

Here I am with Diane and her sister, Blanche.

The Girls at Footlights

Afterwards the gig I went round to David’s house and kipped on the sofa but not before getting my photo taken with one of his Rats.

Billy and Rat

The Photos



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