Mr Politician

Time to Walk Dude!

Hey Mr Politician, yoo dinnae speak fur me
A’m not lazy but there is nae job a’ want tae do
Hey Mr Politician, dinnae ye spy on me
Or on a dark December evening a’ll come following yoo

Though I ken the British Empire secretly still stands
A’ waiz born a man
Not a Winston Churchill fan
A prick is still a prick
Even if he’s sleeping
A minister repulses me, a’d never kiss his feet
Invite him oot tae eat
Or give him a comfy seat in the hoose ae scheming

Hey Mr Politican, don’t you threaten me
A’ may be wasted but there is nae jail a’m going to
Hey Mr Dragon Breath, don’t blow yer smoke on me
Or on a Lazy Sunday morning a’ll set fire to you

So take me on a trip upon yer Pirate sinking ship
Where yoo will all be whipped
I want yer necks tae grip
The plank awaits your step
So start a walking
A’m ready to save anyone who admits the whole charade
Ma love will never fade
But a’ cannae stand this hate brigade fur another second


So Hey Mr Tony Blair don’t point yer smile at me
A’m not happy with your cronies or yer family
Hey Mr Georgey Bush, don’t say yer change is good
Or those falsified elections will come back tae haunt you

And though you may be laughing, thinking you’ve got us on the run
Oor time is going to come
When we realize we’re all one
And the penny drops that there is nae point in running
And if you try tae scare us with the armies you command
You’ll have to understand, we won’t defend your evil plan
Peace cannot be won by senseless killing

So hey Mr Politician we’re setting oorselves free
We are lovely and we don’t need yer authority
Hey Mr Politician come and join our band
And in the everlasting moment we’ll go dancing with you

With Photos to Match

Recording Session

Nob Live Version

Billy’s Version

Here is Billy performin’ it during the Edinburgh Festival 2012.

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