Billy’s New Current Interview 2012

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Nob Stewart was interviewed by New Current magazine last year, this year it was my turn.

Hey how’s it going, you all prepared for the biggest fringe in the world?

I’m getting there. I have been working on the show for the past couple of months and now I need to start honing it down. It has been a bit of a long process as I had to write out my life story from the age of 16 to the present day and then extrapolate material from that.

How have the previews been going?

I have not done any previews as yet. I live in Turkey and there are not many opportunities to perform here. I will organise at least one gig here though, in front of my expat friends.

Have you got your Royal Mile patter sorted?

I am not one for badgering people to come and see my show although I guess it would be better for myself and whatever audience I do get if I was.

I was performing as my alter ego Nob Stewart last year and the day I handed out the most flyers was when I took a sort of anti-marketing stance. Everyone else was shouting ‘Five stars, come and see my show’ so I started shouting things like ‘Absolute Crap – The Gaurdian, Worst Show at the Fringe – The Daily Record, So bad we refuse to use the ink to print even one star – The Sun’. I still didn’t get much of an audience though but I had fun dishing the flyers out.

Tell us a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

I am going to tell the story of my fairly crazy life since I got my first girlfriend at 17 to the present day. In that time I have got married, had a child and subsequently divorced while having quite a few crazy adventures along the way involving lots of drugs, prostitutes, starring in a sex show and attaching electric cables to my balls with a girl who was into S&M.

What is the hardest part about writing a show?

The editing. It took me about a month to do the first draft and since then I have went over it 7 times. I have to keep going over it until it sounds natural to the ear and all extraneous bits of material are removed and only solid material is left. Still got a bit of work to do on that but hopefully it will be alright by the time August comes.

Do you get afraid about putting too much of yourself in the show?

I don’t mind that much about talking about personal details. In fact, I hope that by sharing my stories in a very honest way that the audience will relate more to me as at the end of the day we are all human and shit happens.

Taking part in the free show at the fringe is such a great way to bring a show to the festival, how is the preparation going, you got wellies and brollies handy? 

No wellies or brollies bought yet. A poet I know from a long time back offered me a room in his apartment on the outskirts of town to stay in for free, so that was great. I am going to get cheap flyers printed and start sending details out to media outlets about the show. Apart from that, I will take it as it comes.

How did you get into performing, has it been something you have always wanted to do?

When I was in School I loved the Drama class. I was always looking for the laugh in any games or improvisations we had to do. Then for a while I wanted to be a Rock Star but lacked the musical talent normally required. Not that that stopped a lot of so called stars these days but there was no auto-tune in those days. I was reading a lot of conspiracy stuff on the net and then I saw Bill Hicks. That’s when I thought I could perform comedy to rant against the injustices of the world. After a while I realised that just telling funny stories was more fun for me, not to mention the audience.

What was your first show like, was the audience gentle?

My first ever attempt at stand up comedy was at an beginners night at the Stand comedy club. I had no material prepared and just went on and ‘winged’ it. I was getting a bit agitated because a red light kept flashing in my eyes and was putting me off. As the flashing got more and more frantic I realised that it was the compere trying to get me off the stage as I was only supposed to do 5 minutes and was well over 10 minutes by the time they got me off. I had a lot to learn but yeah, the audience were gentle enough. None of them tried to glass me which was a bonus although I think the compere may have wanted to.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

As I said, initially it was Bill Hicks who got me thinking that I could perform comedy, so I guess he has been the one who has inspired me most. Before then Billy Connelly was my favourite comedian, although I do now like many others including Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Louis CK and Doug Stanhope to name but a few.

Best five words to describe your show?

Honest, Raunchy, Mental, Funny, Story

And finally why should people come and see your show?

Because I can guarantee they will never have heard anything like it and it all really happened. Oh, and it will be funny, too. Let’s not forget that. 😉

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