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Night Noise Team

I was introduced to Sean Ormsby and Fabien Pinardon of Night Noise Team through my Step-Sister’s husband Carey Walton. He was in a band with them if not many, then certainly a few moons ago called Kilo.


Kilo Live

I went along to a gig they performed at Bannermans in Edinburgh and videoed their set. It was one of the first, if not THE first gig I filmed.

Here I am with Sean and Carey. Carey is from New Zealand and decided to move back their with my Step-Sister and their children which effectively broke up the band. Sean and Fabien were already working together as Night Noise Team before he left.

Billy with Sean Ormsby and Carey  Walton

Kilo Photos

Night Noise Team

night noise team park (3)

Carey told me about Fabien and Sean’s new project so I arranged to go along to interview them. I didn’t have any experience interviewing anybody at that time so it was good to practice on some guys who I already knew. I can’t locate the interview I done with the two of them together as NNT but I had put the video camera too far away from us, so the sound quality was really poor anyway.

They were interviewed just a few days ago on the Vic Galloway Radio Show just after the release of their 3rd album and played a few songs from it as well as a Talking Heads cover which you can hear below.

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As well as videoing them performing a couple of songs in their studio that first meeting I went to see them play live about a year later at The Jamhouse in Edinburgh where Jim Gellatly had invited them to perform on an evening he was hosting.

It was one of their first gigs as NNT and afterwards they felt like they had raced through their set a bit but the crowd didn’t know that and I thought they were great.

Night Noise Team Live (2)

They were more of a guitar band in those days and perhaps due to Fabiens influence their new album, Rever Electrique, has a more electro pop feel to it and it has been getting some rave reviews.

You can listen to all of their Night Noise Team’s releases here and if you enjoy them, please support them buy downloading them.



Fabien had a solo project at the time called Flooze and I got him to play a couple of tracks from his album, Flooze, which I thought was excellent.

I also interviewed him and at least the camera was close enough to hear us this time. 🙂

Flooze and NNT Photos


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