Nob In The Basement

Nob In The Basement

A’ went through tae Glasgae tae perform in Comedy in the Basement gig fur the lovely Marta Adamowicz. It is is a great wee venue and the comedians are encouraged tae try oot new shit and they support each other tae the max.

A’ havnae performed much comedy in Glasgae an’ the last time a’ did a’ started talkin’ aboot Rangers and Celtic which went doon like a lead balloon, so a’ thought a’ would avoid that topic this time and jist tell some stories aboot ma mental life.

They went doon no’ tae bad but it wiz yin ae they gigs wi’ mare comedians than audience so a’ jist focused on the three punters sat in the front row.

It is a shame that the venue nae longer exists as it got changed intae su’hin else. A’ amnae sure whit exactly but Marta is noo lookin’ fur a new venue. A’m sure she’ll come up wi’ another cracker.

Nob in the Basement

Cheers the noo!


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