Nob at Moriarty Bar 13/4/14

Moriarty Nob

A’ hate gigs like this. A’ dinnae see the point ae goin’ ahead wi’ it when the only folk there are comedians an’ a couple ae comedians pals. It just turns intae a wankfest an’ no’ a very enjoyable yin at that.

Still, as a’ wiz on the Bill a’ got up on stage tae dae some ae ma poetry which wiz goin’ doon like a lead balloon, so a’ ended up haein’ a bit ae a meltdoon! No’ very professional a’ ken but then a’ never claimed tae be an’ a wiznae gettin’ paid fur it anyway.

A professional wouldnae dare pit this gig anywhere near youtube or their website but a’ am here tae expose masel tae yin in every aspect, the rough wi’ the even rougher. So check oot ma latest fiasco below if ye kin bare it.

Still, perversely a’ dae quite enjoy gigs like that noo an’ again. It brings ye back doon tae earth an’ at the same time free’s a lot ae shit up. A’ certainly felt better afterwurds haein’ vented ma spleen.

Onwards and doonwards…..

The Photaes

Cheers the noo….


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