Durin' the 2011 Edinburgh Festival a' got taegethir wi' Paul, a professional photographer whae's website is but he also has a cool Flickr Page and we wondered aroond the toon taegether yin afternoon takin' a few snaps. Here are the resulting photaes.....
And here is a video that Paul made fur the photaes.
In 2014 a' met up wi' Paul again tae trounce the streets ae Edinburgh lookin' fur photoae opportunies. In 3 hoors we took a rake ae photaes, 221 ae which were guid enough fur Paul tae edit an' upload. Ye kin check oot ma blog aboot it the day's shoot here.

A'm sure ye agree, a' make an awesome model. Noo, if only a' had some Bunnies tae hang aff me. ;-)

Cheers the noo....