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Nob Stewart - The Next Small Thing

Nob has been called many a thing over the years and let's face it, mostly with good reason. He has lived life on his own terms and paid the penalties for it.

However, he has put them down to experience and has risen from his proverbial grave to put together this website for your mild amusement.

He hasn't got delusions of grandeur (anymore) and only aims to spread his truth to anyone who has the time to listen. In this day and age, probably not many of you want to hear the ramblings of a Middle Aged Scottish Psychopath Fashion Victim but for those of you who may have read this far and still be a tiny bit intigued to find out more of what make him tick, well done for stickin' it out this long.

Mind you, you haven't really had a taste of Nob yet, have you?

Check out his promotional shots below for starters!
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Guid Tae Hae Ye Here, Bawbags!

Website Contents

Nob Stewart

Nobs Blogs Get access tae ma blogs aboot ma travels an' adventures in Antalya and Turkey in general.

Product Reviews In a bid tae try an' earn some dosh fae ma blog tae feed ma starvin' family, occassionally a' post product review wi' an affiliate link tae ma guid self.

Poetry A' occassionally get a bit filisofical an' pit ma drug affected mind tae wurk tae produce average poetry.

Nob TV A' take some clips fae the next and stick them taegethir wi' me ramblin' in between aboot them.

Gigs A' hiv taken ma cheap dodgy camera tae many ae ma gigs tae gie ye an' insicht intae hoo a' avoid gettin' punched on stage!

Photaes Ye will see hun'ers ae photoaes ae me gettin' up tae aw kinds ae shit. Guid fur a browse when ye are bored on a bus.

Nob Stewart Gigs

If ye become a Patron ae Billy Watson TV ye kin check oot quite a few ae ma gigs, maest ae which a' went doon like a lead balloon in, but still tumbleweed has never pit me aff so a' keep on keepin' on.

If ye would like me tae come an' torture yer crood somewhere a' am available fur wurk, mainly cause a' am unemployable in the Rat Race Wurld.

Check Oot Ma Blogs!

Stars In The Bar
Nobs rise from obscurity to notoriety began when he entered a talent competition in his local town at the time, Falkirk. Amazingly, he qualified for the final only to have his hopes shot down in flames when he came across some folks with real talent.
Website Presentation
Nob attended a website design course to learn the basics of HTML which enabled him to build his first website. Watch his presentation of it to the rest of the class.
Aspendos Opera
Nob Stewart is not typically an Opera goer but when he was begged to go by three beautiful women, well what else could he do but tag along!

Testimonials From Imaginary Members

I have enjoyed Nobs performances on many an occassion. I find him totally hilarious. Not only cause he had the gall to ask if I wanted to see his show but the fact that he revealed himself like no other performer I have ever seen. I had to sign up for his newsletter so that I could keep in contact with Nob as much as possible. You should too!
Brandy SphincterPlayboy Bunny
To be honest, although Nob is a bit of an asshole and he doesn't make me laugh at all, I find myself compelled to write a testimonial for him not least because he has my balls in a vice at present. The only good thing I can say about him is that his website colours are bright and pretty, unlike him. Now set them free asshole!
Mike HuntInterior Decorator
I have checked out a lot of things online but when I came across Nobs face, I knew I was onto a winner. He says the things that I would like to say but due to the fact that I am practically a' hermit and therefore socially awkward, I let him do my ranting for me! Rock on, Nob!
Michelle DoeInternet Nerd
Due to the nature of my job, I deal a lot with dysfunctional psychos and Nob fits right into that category. Someone need to let him know that the way to please a girl is not orally....at least not with his fucking gob. He should keep that shut and then he may at least not offend anybody. Mind you, he would need to keep his pecker away also as I find that his most offensive part. Tell him he still owes me 500 quid.
Lindsay LowhandLow Class Escort
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