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Hello, I am Billy. Thanks for dropping in.

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Billy Watson
An Ordinary Punter With His Mind Turned.....ON!

Over the years I have performed comedy and poetry in various bars and clubs around Scotland and more recently in Antalya in Turkey, where I now reside.

I performed both as myself and also as a few different comedy characters who in order of appearance were The Great White Shaft, Hamish McTavish/McScottie and the main one I do now Nob Stewart.

I also like to make video blogs in and out of character and interview and film people I find of interest such as conspiracy researchers, comedians, musicians and poets.

The purpose of this website is to showcase the various pieces of work I have done over the years as well as share some of the videos I managed to capture of the other artists.

If you are an artist please feel free to send me a video of you performing and who knows, I may even put it on my blog. Woo-hoo!

Thanks again for taking an interest in the site and I hope to get more acquainted with you as time goes on.


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Website Contents

Billy at Mr Blues

Billy Blogs Get access to my blogs about various topics from the News and the Internet in general. Includes interviews with authors, comedians and musicians.

Comedy I have recorded some skits of me performing some of my sketches to the camera.

Poetry I sometimes get the urge to write some poetry. You can see the results inside.

Video Blogs Sometimes I feel inspired to switch my camera on and talk whaterver comes into my head. If you comment on the videos I will respond in my next one.

Gigs Over the years I have taken various camcorders to record my gigs. Come and see how well I went down......

Photos Have camera will take photos. That's my motto and I have taken a lot over the years and over half of them are not even selfies!

Billy Watson Gigs

I have performed over 300 poetry and comedy gigs in Scotland at various comedy clubs and open mic nights stretching way back to 2001.

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Antalya Music
I have lived in Antalya in Turkey since 2006 and in that time I have made friends with and videoed quite a few different bands in the Old Town, Kaleiçi.
Halloween Parties
I was a founding member of different Expats groups and we have had a few Halloween Parties over the years which give me another excuse to dress up silly!
Billy The Big Kid
I have been invited to a few different schools so the children could meet a native English speaker. I don't know why but they seem to like my patter.

Billy Watson Reviews

I’d heard of Billy and his name appears in circles of mine – with very good reason. After only a few seconds into his set I knew then this was going to be that wee surprise I was promised. The fast-paced Edinburgh comedian moved from one subject to another, from different angles, from a variety of tones and emphasis. I haven’t seen a comedian in such a long time who could race, pause, and change direction at the same time and still manage to pull it off while remaining wide-eyed focused and in thorough control, throughout. Billy has that unconditional energy on a grand scale. If I may also point out – he is the first Edinburgh comedian I’ve heard to pull off a Glasgow football-related line that made me think and laugh at the same time. That takes some beating. Billy is quick, boy is he quick. You get your money’s worth with him, that’s for sure for entertainment value. He’s animated and out in front where many daren’t go – both in the physical sense and in the material sense. A definite jaw-opener, which we need more of in comedy, if you ask me. Like most reviews I try to write about the comedian as a person, the material on show and what impact the comedian has made on the audience first – me a distant second. Billy has everything I love in a comedian. Having Hicks and Carlin as some of my influences; I could relate to Billy’s style. He has that controlled anger, offloading his vent from a tightly-clutched fist-around-the-mic and delivering a punch packed with full-on, in-your-face meaning. This guy isn’t just discharging frustration at the world – he is a voice of reason. Politically in tune – and charged, I found Billy’s wealth of knowledge a joy to behold. He mixed his material with what the audience loved to hear and with some the audience could do well to hear a lot more of. Yes, Billy is a highly-recommended act and easily bookable. He’ll go anywhere, anytime. He’s serious about his comedy and serious about his purpose as a comedian.
Stephen HamiltonDafty News
It is good to see Scottish comics taking shows to the Fringe - not intimidated by the high standard of many of the international acts. And the local lad certainly put his heart and soul into his show, working the small audience extremely well. He has excellent confidence and stage presence, but his material needs some attention. If you tackle such well-worn subjects as the War on Terrorism or internet pornography, you have to find something fresh and funny to say about them. Watson would benefit from a few months on the London circuit - honing his material and learning where to draw the line. All the same, I admired his gung-ho dedication to his craft, particularly the story of how he was on stage when he admitted marital infidelity for the first time - and his wife was in the audience. STAR RATING (out of five): ***
Chris WilsonComedy Reviewer