Billy Watson TV

Role Street Cafe & Hostel

I was in Antalya one day when I spotted a new cafe opening up called Role Street which had a different vibe to most of the other ones that have recently opened in town.

Gelidonya (Adrasan) Lighthouse Walk

I took the family on a trip with Todosk Organisation for a walk to a lighthouse in the Adrasan region of Antalya.

Antalya Day Out

I spent a day in Antalya with my wife and took some pictures of the Art and Craft Street and a couple of bars we were in, where I met a friend of mine performing in his new duo, Soul Drive.

Antalya Late Night Walk

I was at a friends house for a few beers and took some snaps that I found of interest on the way home.

Antalya Second Hand Car Market

I paid a visit to a second hand car market in a suburb of Antalya and ended up getting lots of tea and some lovely börek (pastries). I didn't buy a car though.

Sefa Hamam & Lydya Carpets

I paid a visit to Sefa Hamam to give my friend Mustafa a Video that I had made for him and he introduced me to the owner of Lydya Carpets.