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Pornophonica Review

The Media Whores – Pornophonica – Review

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I review the new album by The Media Whores.
Paul Chowdhry Review

Paul Chowdhry DVD Review

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I review Paul Chowdhry's DVD - What's Happening White People?

Witch House Cafe Fun

I was invited by the owner of Witch House Cafe to come along on a Sunday morning with my family and entertain the family and children while they were eating their breakfast. Seemed like a good idea to me so we made it happen.

Antalya Aquarium Day Out

I took my son along to Antalya Aquarium but did not take him into Snow World section as the 2 for 1 tickets did not apply. Yep, I'm Scottish alright.

Sefa Hamam Visit

I had taken my wife to Sefa Hamam in Kaleici old town before but as we hadn't been for a while I decided to take her along and visit my friend Mustafa.

Flamenco Dancer at Witch House Cafe, Antalya

My wife had hired a Flamenco Dancer's costume for a fancy dress party and wanted to get her money's worth by going to another bar so I could take some photos make a video of her dancing. Who was I to argue?