Pandamonium Comedy 27/1/14

Caberet Voltaire

Rory McAlpine who runs the weekly gig at Footlights Bar also does a night once a month at Caberet Voltaire called Pandamonium Comedy.

Due to Christmas Holidays he never ran one in December so it has been a while since it was on and it may take a while to get good numbers through the door as the gig is hidden away down the basement. Add that to the fact that the Red Raw night at the Stand was on with Frankie Boyle and Tom Stade both doing a turn then low turn out of three actual audience members was perhaps expected.

Not to worry though as we had Nine comedians there who as well as helping to make the numbers up to a decent sized crowd, also supported each other in their comedic quests.

This was exemplified by Rory handing over the MC duties to Paul McDougall to try on for the first time. Paul has done about 40 gigs in the past year or so and is doing really well given that time frame.

He was a natural compere too and had a nice mix of audience banter and throwing in the odd joke from his set at the appropriate times. He also talked to imaginary members of the front row of the audience, which I hadn’t seen done before and came off quite well.

Pandemonium (7)

I didn’t take photos of each comedian while they were onstage, but they were Ray Fordyce, Jane Walker, Sean O’Dee, Iain Campbell, Ross Hepburn, myself, Rory McAlpine and the headliner Scott Jeffery, who I thought done a great job. This is he demonstrating his mothers cesarean in great detail in close up fashion to a thoughtful Ray.

Pandemonium (2)

I hope I am getting better with each gig I do but I could definitely see some improvements from a few a few of the much relatively newer acts on that night. I was a bit dubious about performing to a room full of comedians but as I said at the start, it was actually a lovely environment to relax a bit and try out stuff in front of supportive friends.

At the end of the evening, I suggested we had a team photo.

Pandemonium (8)

I met Iain Campbell at the bar where we chatted about a two part video series he made which I thought was really well done with some really funny bits in it.

Pandemonium (10)

Especially I thought, the phone throw and the Hymen bits. Here it is so you can see for yourself here.

Outside Paul and I had a chat to Rory about the evening and Rory said he is happy for Paul to MC the next one and do a bit of promotion for it also. So he is now looking for a Panda suit to do so. So if you have one, let me know. 🙂

Pandemonium (19)

Back inside there was a board where anyone could draw something on it. Sean handed the pen to me and told me that’s what I had to do. So, I used all my creative skills to add a little something to the Spongebob drawing that someone else had done. Yep, I am that sad.

Pandemonium (21)

Paul asked me to pose with his artwork, which advertised his facebook page underneath his catchsong “Where’s Your Bobble Gone?”

Pandemonium (22)

At that point the lovely Anastasia asked if she could help taking the photo, which she did and then I had a wee chat with her before I had to dash off to catch the last train home.

Billy and Anastasia

Although, I did have time to pose for one last photo…..

Pandemonium (25)

Then I really had to bolt and just caught the train by a whisker. I wish I didn’t have to leave so early but I can’t afford to stay out and drink as much as I’d like to so perhaps it’s for the best.

The Photos

So another good night of comedy and fun in Edinburgh. Looking forward to the next Footlights Bar gig on Sunday and Pandamonium next month.

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