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I'm an Ordinary Punter with his Mind Turned ON!

"Hello folks, thanks for checking out my page for The Plane Facts sample ebook" If you want to ponder life then you are in the right place.

Why? Cause I like to dig deep into life's conundrums
and share my discoveries with any like minded warriors!

I have gathered together a collection of lyrics and poems
Granted they may not be the calibre of Leanord Cohen's
I did not attend any special course or academy of writing
So the meter and rhyme may sometimes appear to be fighting

I started writing lyrics when my Rock Star attempts failed
I was too busy taking drugs to get the instrument nailed
By the time I realised that I would never get a Record Deal
I was in a Mental Ward only getting spoons with my meal

When inside my legendary imaginary group decided to disband
We all decided that we could not be part of a collective brand
My other split personas all went off to do their thing
While I dreamed up another way to add a bow to my string

I had lots of time with no drink or recreational drugs to disract
Abd thankfully I still had some of my crazed fuelled brain intact
So I picked up a pen one day and started to let shit flow
I found it quite healing to express myself without being on blow

I soon filled up a notebook of ideas and unrepressed thoughts
Most of which I'm sure would have tied my psychiastrist up in knots
I was pleased with how some of them actually appeared quite cool
Maybe this would be a way to prove to everyone I was not a fool

So when I got out I stared showing them to family and friends
But they just looked at me as if I had contracted the bends
They told me I was wasting my time and that I should totally quit
So I went back on the drugs as I can't handle being told I'm shit

I decided to persevere with my writing but to keep it to myself
Maybe one day long into the future I would get a book upon a shelf
That was over 20 years ago and my path has not been straight
But here at last is my first book, for which you don't have to wait

I have quite a few in storage but I thought I would do a test
So I put only Twenty poems into this version of my quest
It won't cost you a penny to get a small sample of the collection
Just enter your details below so I don't have to face another rejection

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Get Access To Philosophical and Spiritual Meanderings from Billy Watson

Ordinary Punter - This was one of the first poems he wrote and it was when he was just beginning to study alternative viewpoints in the early internet days.

Animal Instincts - This poem challenges the reader to take stock of their life and to change it up if they are not happy and to just go with the flow.

Before -This is quite a bleak world view about how everything seems to be against us before we can even get started.

Promotion - Based loosely on the aftermath of an acid trip, Billy takes you on a journey of self discovery and what is required to do with the knowledge gained.

Falling - One of Billy's personal favourites of his and another one based on coming down and how you can raise yourself back up with the power of belief.

Billy Watson TV
Billy Watson

About The Author - Billy Watson

Billy Watson grew up in a Scottish town called South Queensferry.

It is most famous for the Forth Railway Bridge.

He has had a few different jobs over the years which include working in a chemical factory, call centres, door to door salesman, hotel animation, estate agent and teacher.

Although he moved to Turkey in 2006 he has put on a one man show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014. These shows included diferrent comedy characters as well as songs and poetry.

He has been married twice, both to Turkish woman and has a son to the first one who was born when he worked as the Chief Animator in a Hotel in Majorca in 2004.

Let's just say he has led an unconventional life and has spent a lot of time on the internet looking at different views and perspective that is presented in the mainstream so that has helped form his view of the world which obviously comes out in his work.

He has been interviewed quite a few times for various internet sites mainly because of his website about his local area of Antalya but also on occasion about his performing.

So sign up for a sample of his work and see what ideas he has going under that curly hair of his and if you enjoy them maybe you will want to read more and engage with Billy on his website.

Disclaimer: Billy writes poetry from his heart and some of his ideas or viewpoints may not be the social norm. Do not be put off by this, in fact, he thinks there wouldn't be much point in writing if it were just to agree with the current consensous of what life is and how things should be.

There is always more to learn and explore so Billy freely admits that some of the ideas in the poems he himself has moved beyond but he tries to write them in a way that will stay fresh over the years regardless of how the world itself changes.

So as long as you have an open mind to new ideas and thoughts then Billy is sure you will enjoy his work and he looks forward to hearing any feedback you may have about it.
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