The Plane Facts

The Plane Facts

The world has been changed forever
Of that we can be sure
Football, shopping and the rest of our addictions
Suddenly taste so sour
Somebody, please tell us what to think
Please tell us how to act
For we have no mind of our own
To discern the lies from fact
Oh what do we need to do?
Master Blair and Master Bush?
You seem like decent people
Why don’t you give us all the push?
Do you need some more democracy?
Would that take away our pain?
How about a New World Order?
Would that make the world more sane?
Just please no more death and destruction
Well, unless of course it’s in the name of revenge
Then we’d actively encourage you
To bring the old world closer to its end
For we believe all that you say
We don’t stop to question for a minute
So just do what you need to do to win
Just do what you planned at the last G8 summit
You are free to bomb the bastards
We don’t need to see the proof
We are all like frightened rabbits
Blinded by your distorted version of the truth
We can’t see the wise alternative
Our ignorance keeps us locked in chains
It couldn’t be our governments
That controlled those terror stricken planes
I mean, that would be quite ridiculous
Whatever would they stand to gain?
Unless they want to further erode our freedoms
And to ensure we are trapped in never ending pain
For that would permanently highjack us from ever boarding
Our rightful higher destined spiritual plane
And in the meantime, they’ll get away with murder
As long as we don’t have the will to act
Because we’re all too scared to even love each other
And that, my friends, is the most blatant solemn fact

But you know, I couldn’t leave you there
Hanging by a heartless desolate thread
For where there is life there is hope
And people, we’re not even dead
So let’s start to end the sorrow
Let’s turn the snookered tables back around
If you look under your guilty pillow
You will see there is nothing to be found
Our leaders have had their day in the sun
They offered nothing but pain and misery
It is now up to us to shine our light
And commit dark thoughts to history
For now is the time to wake up children
It is time we all came out to play
If we could only break our immature denial
And listen to what our guiding hearts have to say
We could change this world in an instant
The illusion would mould to fit our new view
Indeed, the reason we chose to incarnate these bodies
Was to heal this world away from the power of the few
For only by standing up for
What we know in hearts to be right
Will the evil in this world end forever
And be replaced by our loving light
So why not love that friendly stranger
Then they would love you too
God, it really is so simple
We should put this on the news
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love
I cannot say it more than enough
It feels so good just to say the word
It is so much better than releasing doves
So my friends, I am going to leave you
I trust that now you understand the scene
Let’s empower love on a permanent daily basis
And rejuvenate our unique stars onto the universal silver screen

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