Raven Pub Non Event

A’ organised a gig at Raven Pub in Kaleiçi and made a facebook event page fur it tae which 20 people said they were goin’. Cool, a’ thought, nae need tae flyer any-yin.


As a’ arrived there a’ met these chaps whae were Kemm Rory & David, the music duo due on aftir me. A’ really enjoyed their banter an’ looked forward tae hearin’ them play.


As it turned oot, nae cunt turned up fur ma gig! Perhaps a’ should ae flyered aftir aw. Why dae people say they will go tae su’hin when they hiv nae intention ae dain’ so whitsover? Maybe tryin’ it oot on a Monday nicht wiznae the best idea.

Hooever, aboot 20 minutes aftir a’ wiz due tae start, Nicole and Linda turned up and then Arzu and Bir came 30 minutes aftir that, an’ ma burd came along aboot 10ish. So a’ spent maest ae the nicht wi’ 5 wumin, so it sure wiznae aw bad.


A’ enjoyed the boys set, especially their cover ae the Springsteen song, Yin Step Up. It is yin ae ma favourites an’ wiz the first time a’ had heard a band cover it in a bar.


Towards the end ae the nicht, Nicole’s new business partner Bart turned up tae talk tae me aboot the possibility ae performin’ a comedy show fur their Antalya Vip Events company. A’ agreed tae it but they changed their mind aboot it the date we arranged. Maybe a’ll wurk wi’ them in the future, whae kens.


So although the gig never happened a’ still wanted tae get ma photae taken wi’ ma name in Chalk.


Aw in aw a guid nicht. Maybe next time a’ll actually tell a joke or twa.

The Photaes

Cheers the noo!


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