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Lach (2)

I have attended may Anti-hoot open mic nights on Mondays at Henry’s Cellar and that is where Lach chooses artists to appear at the Songwriters Cellar held on Tuesday nights but I had yet to attend one of them so I felt it was about time I did.

Instead of being only able to play 2 songs the artists are given at least a 30 minute set to showcase their talents and because the standard at the open mic is so high you are guaranteed that the Songwriters night will be a great evening and so it proved.

A.H Doune

a_h_doune (4)

First up was A.H Doune who played a set with his electric guitar and effects box. I saw him before perform at the Superhoot under the name Alex Hendrickson where he played an acoustic set so it was great to see him express himself in this way also.

Lynne Roberts

lynne_roberts (3)

Although I had met Lynne a couple of times before I hadn’t actually seen her play. I had heard Lach mention her to a few people while I was in the club so I knew I was in for a real treat and she certainly didn’t disappoint. She has a real Blues voice and some of the noises she got out of the Guitar, especially with her Slide, were straight outta the Delta. Superb!

Jules And The Blue Garnets

jules and the blue garnets (3)

Jules and the Blue Garnets were unusual in that Lach hadn’t picked them up from the Anti-hoot but rather had come across them online and invited them to play at Henry’s.

Jules is, shall we say, very easy on the eye but she sure can sing as well. Their songs were excellent and they put on a great show which was very warmly received. I’m sure they’ll be back.

Jellymans Daughter

jellymans daughter (2)

Jellymans Daughter have played quite a few times at Henry’s and so this time they threw in a few songs that they hadn’t played anywhere before, which they will be recording soon. Again, they went down well with quite a few people telling me how much they loved them. Fergal even now wants to get a Cello player to accompany him at his next gig.

Dog On A Swing

Dog On A Swing (4)

Dog on a Swing played a solo set with me at Henry’s Early Evening Caberet recently and he told me about his band concept, where he gets different musicians to play with him each time to keep the songs fresh for him and the audience.

Jellymans Daughter joined him for a couple of songs and then I caught two more before I had to leave for the train. I was happy to hear the band version of his set though.

I couldn’t resist grabbing Jules for a photo before I went. Yep, I’m like that. 😉

songwriters cellar (9)

To think that all this talent is on show for free, well donations after each act, on a Tuesday night is really amazing. When I hear the shit on the radio it almost makes me weep and so these artists deserve a wider audience, so If you enjoyed the videos please go along to Henry’s one night to see and support local live music.

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