St Patricks Night in Antalya

So, it wiz St Paddy’s Nicht in Antalya…and everywhere else fur that matter, an’ ma friend pit a ‘ shoot oot on facebook fur any yin whae fancied a Guinness tae meet him at The Big Yellow Taxi, which is a bar not an actual large auto-mobile.

A’ had tae ignore it though cause a’ wiz skint but he then sent me a direct message aboot it. Well, whit could a’ dae except explain tae him ma fiscal situation an’ ask him fur a tap, which thankfully he wiz happy tae gie me.

He didnae expect me tae turn up wearin’ Pink Shades though or hae ma stack ae wigs an’ glasses tae get the party liven’ed up a bit.


A’ didnae ken’ if it were a St Paddy’s Day tradition tae get dressed up or no’ but a’ saw that in Alanya they were haein’ a Paddy’s Nicht an’ were offerin’ prizes fur costumes, so a’ thooght whit the hell, let’s ham it up a bit fur Antalya’s sake.


It has tae be said though, that a’ dinnae ‘hink the locals kent whit we were aw aboot as we were attractin’ a few strange looks, in whit wiz actually mare ae a cafe than a bar actually. They served Guinness though, so that wiz the main ‘hing. Yin ae the locals, Anıl, wiz mare than happy tae join in the banter though. He’s aye’ways up for a laugh that yin.


Anither yin aye’ways up fur fun is ma guid Paddy pal Pat. He’s got a touch ae the Blarney aboot him aricht. Jist ask his wife.


Aroond the bar there wiz a lot ae photaes ae various Music and Film stars fae ower the years so a’ got ma photae taken wi’ as many as a could afore ma cameraman got bored. A’ couldnae resist a bit ae the yin eye Illumanti symbolism wi’ the High Priestess ae Satan worship hersel’.


This is whit a’ hae tae tell masel every day, otherwise a’d ae jumped aff a buildin’ a long time ago.


So, it wiz time tae leave the Taxi an’ the barstaff tried tae stiff ma mates fur an’ extra Guinness. There wiz a big arguement aboot it and in the end Anıl jist gave them whit they wanted. A’ only had twa Guinness so a’ wrote an I.O.U on a napkin fur Dakota. Let’s hope he’s lost it, cause a’ hiv still yet tae pay him back.


A’ wiz gonnae go hame but Anıl wanted tae stay oot, so aftir explainin’ ma cash flow situation tae him he said he would buy the beers aw nicht, withoot haein’ tae pay him back….ever. Result!

We headed tae the Roadhouse where Blue Life were playin’.


Next ‘hing a’ ken, anoither Guinness appeared. Well, it wiz fur St Paddy aftir aw.


Anıl asked me if a’ had ever been tae Goblin Bar, tae which a’ replied that a’ve tried tae kiss a few Goblins in Bars but that’s aboot the closest a’ve been.


It didnae take me lang tae get aquainted wi’ the staff. As Anıl kept supplyin’ the liquor, a’ got them tae try on a selection ae accessories.


The Funny ‘hing wiz aftir a’ got a call aboot the nicht a’ contacted Anıl and asked if he would like tae come oot. We had a bit ae banter aboot him comin’ as a Leprechaun but he said he wis too big but a’ pointed oot that in relative terms he wiz a guid match. So, of course when we saw this in the bar there wiz nu’hin else we could dae but take a Selfie. The Lord wurks in mysterious ways.


So as we were under orders tae drink mare beer, we did, but Anıl threw a cheeky Jigerbomb in there tae. Oh well, whit kin ye day. Bottoms up!


As it turned oot Anıl’s friends were the band, Ghostnote, whae were playin’ in the bar that nicht. The singer came across and claimed the blue afro, which a’ hae tae sae looked better on her than anyone else that nicht, well apart fae maybe Miguel.


The keyboard player, fae Saudi Arabie a’ hink, claimed the black afro an’ obviously became an immediate member ae Sly and The Family Stone.


The band were really shit hot, an’ it wiznae jist the booze that made me ‘hink that cause a’ listened tae the video back since, an’ that burd sure kin sing aricht. Anıl is a bit ae an Elvis himsel’ and a’ captured him singing’ a song wi’ the band an’ aw. Check them oot below.

Ghostnote Mix

Georgia On My Mind



At yin point a’ went intae a dark room wi’ jist Anıl and his instrument fur company. This wiz the Result.

Here a’ am hangin’ oot wi’ the rest ae the band aftir the gig. Christ kens whit time it wiz, but a’ got up aboot 4pm the next day so a’ ‘hink it wiz touchin’ sunrise when a’ did get hame.


A’ am aye’ways happy tae get a guid team photae at the end the nicht, an’ even happier no’ tae pay the bill. It’s amazin’ whit kin happen when ye go oot wi’ nae cash but the intention tae enjoy yersel’.

A’ must ae kissed the Blarney Stane in a past life. 😉

The Photaes

Cheers the noo!


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