Steven D.Kelley Interview

Steven D.Kelley Interview

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been looking at alternative sources of news and information for quite a long time. There are lots of topics I would like to talk about on this site but have thus far been a bit resistant into going into things too heavily as I know that you can think one thing one week and by the next week your views on any subject can change quite dramatically.

During the Edinburgh Festival this year though, I discovered that I much preferred it when I could talk about these type of subjects on stage, that is when I came alive, rather than talk about the crazy situations I have gotten myself into over the years just for the sake of a laugh.

I also discovered though that it is quite difficult to make these topics funny and I ended up shouting and lecturing people a few times, rather than win them over with laughter and then expose them to these topics in a more subtle way. You will see what I mean when I eventually get around to posting my blogs about Edinburgh.

So, for a while now I have thought that I would like to interview people on these topics and put them on my site, rather than my site be all about me. There are a few people I would love to chat to but have never contacted any of them but when I watched the video of Steven giving a talk at the Alchemy Event, I felt like I needed to contact him. This was partly due to the fact that he seemed such a down to earth approachable guy but also the fact that the information he puts forth is pretty mind blowingly devastatingly ‘out there’ and I like to try and get to the nitty gritty of these matters as much as possible.

Steven started his career in the electro optics field and eventually formed his own company which at one point was contracted to build solid state lasers for the NSA operation which was run by Oliver North. He then was in contact with the people working for Billy Meier where he learned about the different species of aliens who are taking an active part in world affairs in one way or another. He also learned of underground bases that the so called ‘Elite’ have established and has had meetings with various people in the CIA and the Knights Templar.

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Eventually though, he turned away from the military technology and started focusing on developing his psychic abilities. He is now a practitioner of Reiki and his basic philosophy is of being of ‘Service to Others’ rather than ‘Service to Self’ and this he believes is the secret to being on the right side of the dividing line come Dec 21st 2012, which is not when the world ends but rather when an epoch ends and a shift to another dimension will occur.

Well, that date is not far away now folks so it may be a good idea to listen to what Steven has to say on the subjects above. It is probably a good idea to watch the alchemy presentation before listening to my interview with him as I just dived right into conversation and didn’t lay much of a background down.

This was because I had listened to a few other interviews with him that had done that already and I just wanted to ‘shoot the shit’ and see what came up in a more free flowing way, although I do end up covering most of what he talks about in his book, Lasers, Cavers & Magic.

Alchemy Event

Here is Steven’s presentation at the Alchemy Event where he reveals the really sensitive information that is contained in his book. If the public and journalists were worth their salt they would take what he has to say and go and demand to find out the truth but alas, life seems to just carry on as normal and the elites continue to get away with treating us like cattle….if we’re lucky.

Billy Watson Interviews Steven D.Kelley

In my previous post I mention that ‘What you fight you become’ and that by lecturing people too harshly to ‘wake the fuck up’ I was ‘turning into a fascist dictator myself’.  Steven’s perspective is rather than fight the tyranny head on, he thinks it is best if you try to help the victims of it and enable them to take control over their life to effectively create their own reality and developing your psychic awareness has a large part to play in that.

I agree and think the time has come for us each to reclaim our own truth and participate in the awakening on an individual and collective basis. This interview was a small step in that direction for myself. If you would like to join in the debate, please leave some comments below and we can start to do it together.

In fact, many have already started and regardless of whether you believe in 2012, surely a world based on ‘Service To Others’ would be far better than the ‘Every Man For Himself’ scenario that perpetrates the world these days.

Crossing Over – A New Beginning

There are of course many different films online which talk about 2012 and here is one which perked my interest recently. It is not too deep but certainly gets across the main points as to why many believe this to be the time of the great change.

Here is a very interesting article about 2012 which looks at many different aspects of what may or may not be occurring.

Personally, I feel as though the shift is going to happen but I’m not betting my life on it. Just in case though I will try to be of service as much as I can, not just for the next month or so but for the rest of my life as when you get right down to it, that is the embodiment of spirituality, the practical application of love.

Steven is very happy for people to friend him up on facebook and indeed that is how I got talking to him so please feel free to introduce yourself to him.  I am so glad I did because at the end of the interview I casually mentioned that I have some back pain these days and he said he would do some healing on it.  Five minutes later he asked me how my back was and I couldn’t quite believe it, the pain had eased considerably.  Although it is not 100% as good as new, for the past couple of days it has certainly been much better.  Hence the word MAGIC in his book title, cause to me it certainly feels like that.


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