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The story of my dealings with Superonline which I am about to share with you is a really quite laughable. Here is my video about it.

It started badly and got worse every step of the way. Let’s take the story from the start.

I lived in an apartment where I was told that Superonline was going to be installed within a couple of weeks and so I bought a dongle instead of signing up with another company. 3 months later and a lot of dongle expenditure later they finally connected to my building.

When I used them, their service went down so often, I renamed them Superoffline but still, not the end of the world as it was reasonably priced. I could live with it.

I was their customer for about 2 years. The first year was in my own apartment and then I moved into my girlfriends house and took the account with me. When I split up with her instead of taking my account with me, I left her with it and set up a new one for my new apartment. She had her own problems with them after I left.

I had to leave Turkey in October 2013 and before I went I tried to contact Superonline to end the contract. I kept phoning them and pressing 9 for English only to receive a message saying to type in my number and that someone would contact me, but they never did.

So I ended up moving to Scotland with the account still open. From there I then had to keep doing the same procedure until I decided to email them and eventually I got a reply.

Here was the message I sent them on the 11th December 2013.

I sent you message in November (22nd) asking you to cancel my account. Someone called me to confirm it had been cancelled and agreed that I did not need to return modem.

They said they would send bill to me by email and I would arrange someone in turkey to pay it as I am in Scotland now.

I had to call back a few days later to request the bill again as they did not send it. You sent me bills for November and December which I could not read as I didn’t have an online password.

I called you back to ask why I had bill for December. The technical help person said they would get someone from billing department to call me back. They did not.

Now my friend in Turkey went and paid bills for November and December before I told them the final amount.

I would like a refund for my December bill as I told you in November I wanted to cancel.

I am now waiting your response please.

Thank you

As you can see I was told that I didn’t need to return the modem and I was waiting for them to get back to me with regard to paying me back some money for a month extra that I paid.

They sent me a message in Turkish on 23rd January 2014 asking for 150TL, which I now gather was for the modem, but I didn’t know that at the time.

aboneliğinize ait, son ödeme tarihi geçmiş 1 adet, toplam 150 TL ödenmemiş faturanız bulunmaktadır.

31.01.2014 tarihine kadar ödeme yapmanızı rica ederiz.

Fatura ödeme kanallarına aşağıdaki adresten ulaşabilirsiniz.

I told them that the account had been closed. They sent another message on the 4th April 2014 regarding this. Apparently they had also been trying to call me on the phone but I wasn’t using my old Turkish mobile number so could not be contacted that way.

When I moved back to Turkey in October this year I contacted Superonline to get their service connected again, but again after pressing 9 for English no-one got back to me so I had to get my new girlfriend to call them to ask for this for me.

She was told that it couldn’t be done as lawyers were chasing me for the modem money which had now magically jumped to 300TL. She had been given the Lawyers phone number so I called them to talk about this but none of them spoke English and in fact, they hung up on me!

I found the modem in my apartment so I took it back to the shop to explain in detail the full story but the guy there didn’t speak English too well. I told him I was returning the modem but he didn’t want to accept it as Lawyers were now dealing with the case. Obviously he is instructed to do this, I am not blaming him personally. So as I had no intention of paying the bill and because I am not a thief, I handed it back to him anyway as you can see in the video below.

I called Superonline call centre and told them that I had handed the modem back and they said I should have got a receipt for it. So the next day I went back to the shop to sort out the situation once and for all.

On this day there was someone working there who spoke good English. He seemed sympathetic to my situation and said they would contact head office in Istanbul. He told me they would call me back the next day to confirm everything was ok. He did not call me like he promised, so I called the number on the card he had given me but I it was for another office in Antalya, and they didn’t speak English there either.

As far as I was concerned then, the matter was closed as I wasn’t going to spend all my life chasing up this matter. I had given them their modem back and they had my number and I had told them to call me about it.

However, the Lawyers kept on sending messages and harassing my girlfriend who has NOTHING to do with the account whatsoever. This went on for a couple of months as I had no intention of paying anything.

They threatened her that the amount would keep going up and if I didn’t pay I could be thrown out of the country. She received another threatening message about it about a month or so ago and so thinking she was acting out of kindness for me, she went and paid 300TL to them.

I was not happy about this at all because as far as I am concerned I acted in the correct manner and if fact Superonline were in the wrong for not getting back to me about the extra bill I paid and for not contacting me after I had been to the shop and the lawyers were in the wrong for contacting and threatening someone who had nothing to do with the account. Although, in fairness, I talked have talked to another lawyers since and they said it is common practice in Turkey to talk through friends or family regarding another persons account.

I went back to the shop to discuss this and again met the man who speaks good English. I reminded him that he was supposed to call me back but didn’t and he agreed with me that the Lawyers had no right to call and harass my girlfriend on this matter.

He said that they couldn’t do anything so I told him I would write about it on my website at which point he felt moved to call someone, and then instead of handing me the phone he reiterated that I had to call their call centre and that his hands were tied on this matter. I told him that when I got home, I would do exactly that.

I called their call centre, and again the man there was sympathetic to my story but he told me there is nothing he could do and that I had to contact the lawyers.

I called the Lawyers and even though they have a press 9 for English on their welcome message, I was sent from one person to the next in the company, none of whom could speak English. So I had to hang up.

I called Superonline and they said I should call them back with a Turkish friend to translate for me.

I was getting tired of going around in circles so I then sent the Lawyers an email of the story above with a Google Translated version as well and told them I would put this on my website in 2 days time if I did not hear from anyone to discuss it.

I got no response from them and so made the video of me telling the story and naming the Lawyers but decided to call them one more time to see if they would discuss it before I posted it on my site as I really wanted to avoid going public with all this hullabaloo.

This time I did get an English speaking person and they said they are looking at it and will get back to me. They didn’t so I sent a direct email to the boss of the company and he sent me a reply saying that one of their staff was looking into it for me, for which I thanked him.

A few days later I got a phone call from Superonline who said they would return all my money once they located the Modem in the shop and got the serial number. Seemed fair enough to me, I mean I had left it in the shop so all was good with that plan, or so I thought.

I sent a message to the Boss at the lawyers to thank him for helping as Superonline told me that they had been in touch with them regarding the matter.

A few days after that I got another call from Superonline saying they would return all my money once they found the modem. I told them that they had told me that already.

About a week after that I got a call saying that they couldn’t give me the 300TL back because 150TL was for the lawyer but they would give me 150TL once they located the modem. I told them that I didn’t think it fair that they were keeping some of the money if they were willing to accept the blame that they were wrong in the first place.

I wasn’t happy about this and so sent a message to the lawyer asking for them to return their 150TL. They did not respond. No surprise there then.

I then got another phonecall from Superonline to say that I wouldn’t be getting ANY money back because the people in the shop said I went back to their shop the day after I returned the modem and took the modem from the shop!!

I told the guy that that is totally ridiculous but he said he couldn’t do anything. So I went to the shop and spoke to the English speaking guy again, in front of the other workers, and asked him why he had lied about me taking the modem.

He said, they don’t have it. I said that is not my problem, you obviously done something with it and reiterated the fact, that they had lied about it to their head office saying that I had took it.

He said, he didn’t know where the modem was so I told him to look at the video evidence from the CCTV camera which was on the wall behind him. Very quickly he came up with the excuse that it only keeps the past 30 days on record. Aye, sure.

I said if his company had any morals whatsoever they should return my paltry 300TL (for a company that size) and offer me compensation for all the hassle, the phone calls and travel back and forth to the shop etc. A years free internet service at the least would suffice. Well, you can but try eh? 🙂

I told him on no uncertain terms that this whole thing has been a total joke and I left the shop and as I did, I looked behind to see him laughing with his colleagues about what had just transpired. Obviously they got the joke too.

I phoned Superonline call centre twice more to tell them about this episode and each time they said they would call me back. After I phoned the 3rd time and was shall we say a little more ‘forceful’, the same guy who I had talked to before called me back to say that because I don’t have a receipt then there is nothing he can do and that is the end of the matter.

It is really not a matter of the money for me, although I do want it back so I can return it to my girlfriend, the thing that annoys me is the principle of the thing. I was told the account was closed and then they call me back asking for money for a modem, even though I have been a customer with them for over 3 years in total and had done my best to sort the whole issue out before it got to this stage.

I just wanted to take their service again and they would get more money out of me in the long run but because these contracts use our naivety about the legal name to threaten and harass people and they don’t give full disclosure on the facts, making every contract non pro tunc.

Please check out and for more information on this.

The thing is they were not even using my so called ‘name’ correctly as there was a spelling mistake on it, which they made, thus making the thing even more of a complete farce.

Everything is about money and paper contracts these days. The guy knows for sure that I didn’t steal their modem but the LAW is everything eh? Whatever happened to treating people as people and dealing in reality, that’s my point. I am posting this so I can sleep at night, at least knowing that I have said my piece about it.

The upshot of it is, I am now paying another company 92TL a month for internet because I don’t want a contract and that is 23 TL more than someone with a 12 month CONtract.

I tried to get their service without using a legal name and I offered to pay a month in advance but obviously that is an impossibility cause then how could the powers that be monitor our online activity. Yeah, they got us by the balls alright.

So, thanks Superonline at least you gave me a laugh. Couldn’t have done it without you.


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