Termessos Tour

Natasha wanted me tae take her tae see some mare historical sites in the Antalya region an’ so a’ hired a car an’ took her tae ma favourite yin of aw, Termessos.

It is apparently the only toon in the region that wiznae conquered by Alexander The Great and he likened it tae an Eagle’s Nest. Here a’ am at the start ae the trail up the mountain.


In the Acropolis there are some pretty impressive Sarcophagus’s where the wealthy contined tae show aff their wealth even aftir they were deed.


On this occasion it wiz Natasha’s turn tae climb intae yin fur a photae. A’ am assumin’ the skeleton had been removed otherwise she would ae probably bolted pretty sharpish.


Some parts ae the toon are still pretty well intact considerin’ hoo long ago they were built.


Christ kens whit The Heroum wiz an’ as a’ cannae find it on Google then it could be any’hin.


When we returned tae the motor a’ began tae panic big time as a’ couldnae find the key fur it and it wiz locked. Holy shit, where were they? A’ didnae want tae climb back up the mountain lookin’ fur them. Fortunately the guy on the desk where ye hae tae buy a ticket had grabbed them an’ kept them safe fur me.

Typically though he made me buy a fuckin’ tour brochure fur the privilege. Ye get fuck aw fur fuck in this wurld eh. Still, at least a’ managed tae return the hired car wi’oot incident and it sure would ae been a long walk hame.

The Photaes

Cheers the noo!


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