The This and That

The This and That

The Media controls the population
They are experts in mind control
The techniques were developed by the Nazis
Who are now on our governments pay roll

The Police too are victims of mind control
That is why they do what they are told
If that means gassing and killing civilians
Then they will stop them getting old

The Soldiers are being poisoned
They are no longer human
At least they have a good excuse
Unlike Harry S. Truman

The Politicians are merely just puppets
Who are paid to read a script
They may have started out with good intentions
But they now literally eat shit

The Terrorists are up in arms
They get the blame for everything
They are always stitched up better
Than the Mobsters in The Sting

The Judges do not have a conscience
They know that Justice is a game
If they are Black they are guilty
They get paid to have no shame

The Gangsters are in cahoots
With their Brothers in the Court
Both sides must be controlled
Or else it wouldn’t really be sport

The Elite think they are God
Do what they will is the whole of their Law
The day will come when they find out
That their plan has a fatal flaw

The Royals keep things in the family
That is why they interbreed
When you are as rich as they are
Your first and second nature must be greed

The Religious leaders know the truth
That monotheism is a lie
That is why behind the scenes
They make sacrificial babies cry

The Followers are happy to be led
Down the Garden Path
They think that by doing so
They will have the last rapturous laugh

The Celebrities have sold their soul
To be on the cover of magazines
But when they are past their sell by date
They have to snort amphetamines

The Sheeple cannot see the wood
That is about to become their coffin
They better wake up soon
And start studying like a boffin

The Cynics have all the bases covered
Everyone except for them is a cunt
But if you look inside their heart
You will see they are a runt

The Aliens are hiding amongst us
They are doing their best to fit in
But they cannot grasp the logic
Behind the concept of original sin

The Truth Seekers are always seeking
Will their search ever end?
I hope it does someday soon
I would like to be their friend

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