Times Are Evolving

Every yin's a fuckin' robot!

Come gather round robots wherever ye roam
And admit that the fear factor turns ye tae stone
And accept that soon you’ll be left aw alone
Is your life tae yoo worth saving?
Then you better start ‘hinking afore ye kneel tae the throne
Fur the times they are evolving

Come husbands and wives who are nae longer friends
And keep yer legs wide and ye micht cum again
But dinnae peak tae soon fur the vibrator’s in the bin
And there is mare tae sex than jist shaggin’
Fur the lover noo will be later nae sin
Fur the morals they are evolving

Come managers, businessmen, please make the call
Please tell yer big boss you’ve left his fruit stall
Fur he who has courage will be he who has balls
There’s a fire in yer heart that’s ragin’
It’ll soon eat their profits and burn doon their mall
Fur the rebels they are evolving

Come family and friends it is time tae phone home
Let’s leave oor problems at the millennium dome
Yer mobile is telling ye that you’re no’ alone
But it’s yer voice inside that’s callin’
Let’s love yin another until the end ae time
Fur the earthlings they are evolving

Live Version

Well, a’ say live but really a’ recorded this in ma venue at the Edinburgh Festival when a’ brought along a professional video geezer but nae audience turned up.

An Auld Performance

Bedroom Version

Jist fur the hell ae it a’ hiv chucked in a recent performance that a’ recorded in ma bedroom, jist tae illustrate ma singin’ isnae gettin’ any better.

Billy’s Versions


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