From a Tramp to a King

From a Tramp...

A tramp walked away from his favourite girl
Her selfish attitude had destroyed his world
He had to find a new code to life
He vowed to put an end to his trouble and strife

Lost in the jungle he was down and out
His guide to the land gave a holy shout
“You have the map in the palm of your hand
Take your time there is plenty of sand”

So he jumped for joy with a pink kangaroo
Stayed up all night and came down with flu
For the next three days all he tasted was blood
He wished he stayed back home, safe in the mud

His hopes and dreams had begun to diminish
But since he started he decided to finish
Touched by his love he began to weep
He prayed for forgiveness and went off to sleep

When he woke up to a red sunrise
He could see with sanctimonious eyes
His view of the world was totally clean
Every precious moment was a glorious scene

Now the path that he followed has a large sign post
Take a wrong turn and you’ll remain a ghost
So join all the Tramp’s who are living like Kings
Exempt from the burden of material things

Like a King

Nobs Version a King!

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