Tuna’s Wedding

My wife’s friend Tuna (pronounced Toona) was getting married to a guy called Resül so it was time to don on some Tartan for the wedding. Sometimes I wear my Kilt to Weddings but on this occasion I thought the Tartan trousers would suffice.

The Wedding Venue was on Konyaalti Beach front which was within walking distance so my wife and son joined me on the quest to get there on time.

We walked through a park which had a water fountain and as my companions were thirsty we had to stop while they replenished themselves. I made use of the stop by getting my picture taken with the Lions of the Fountain…..although granted it is not too clear in the actual picture.

Then we found a statue (of sorts) modelled on Aynur.

No park in Turkey is complete without a Statue of Atatürk.

No, this isn’t Tuna but a Dolphin Telephone. Fortunately, it didn’t try to rape me.

We did manage to get to the Wedding on time, however hardly anybody else did (as is the tradition here) so we had about an hour to wait until the Bride and Groom appeared.

The dancing along to the incredibly loud music (as is the tradition here) started early.

After the ceremony the Happy Couple (well, it’s still early minutes) took part in a Henna ceremony which traditionally takes place the night before at an All Woman event. However, sometimes they do it with the groom at the wedding as was the case here.

Here is Aynur and I with the Beautiful Bride.

Check out some scenes from the Wedding.

On the way home I spotted this poster and couldn’t help but notice that this ‘woman’ looked distinctly manly. Good to know the Trangender Agenda is alive and well here too.

Not far from the Poster was this council Feeding and changing baby nappies Station. A pretty good idea for sure but I wondered if we needed the child on nipple poster. Wouldn’t simple writing suffice. Still, at least they spared us a nappy changing scene.

On the side of a Police building was a large picture of a Police Badge with the Double Headed Eagle of Freemasonry totally in your face. Given that the symbol goes back to the Hittie Empire which was in part located in Modern Day Turkey, I guess that should be no surprise.

It looks like the Single Headed Eagle is the Champion though.

I must have had my Eagle eyes on that night as I then spotted this on another poster. Doesn’t it look like one horse is neck deep in the other horses ass?

Thankfully there was a nice garden with lots of little statues and cool ornatments which brought some levity back to the evening.

So another ‘dry’ Turkish Wedding under my belt.

Thankfully they supplied Coke and Sweeties for everyone to get high on and a good night was had by all.

I would like to wish good luck to Tuna and Resül for the future, they’ll need it…….as we all do. 😉

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